Saturday, September 24, 2016


Season 1 Episode 1

I read Le Morte d'Arthur decades ago & don't remember it, so I don't care about the differences.

I like that Arthur was raised by commoners & his step-brother is there. That should help him be a good king. I also like how Merlin just skipped taking Uther's castle. They went to Camelot instead & were like, this is the new royal castle. I like how Arthur was telling them to show some respect without really being coached. 

But he should have threatened Lot's men by saying yes, I killed your son because he attacked me, as I will defend myself against anyone else. He showed himself to be weak & apologetic when he should have shown how he's a king who isn't afraid to get some blood on his hands. Then he started whining to Merlin right after Morgan warned him that things were about to get real.

I like how Morgan stopped Uther's hand when he tried to hit her again. She already showed how she has magic. I like how she's Arthur's sister instead of cousin like in Merlin, which I never finished watching.

That didn't make sense when Merlin said Arthur is destined to be a great king, but if Arthur dies, his destiny will change. That is not what the word destiny means. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.



This was a pretty good season finale that took care of a lot of stuff & there was even action.

Robot vs. Alien! It wasn't as exciting as it could have been especially because Ethan saved the stupid alien's life at the end but not bad. They sure made it seem like the alien was evil. How are they going to explain Ethan becoming kid Lawnmower Man?

At first I got annoyed with Ethan asking all those questions, then I realized, that he was just being a boy. It was way better than someone saying to end Ethan in.

Stupid Shawn should have stayed with Molly while she was trying to fix things.

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

That damn space station turned into Hal! Even though he wasn't wrong about the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. but he was wrong because her plan C worked.

But now Molly lost 2 sons.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Silence of the Slams


Lucha Va Voom on tv!

I liked that they showed a different Wesen other than a Hexebiest using magic. I also liked that they showed Nick writing in the books again but Hadrian's Wall has digital Wesen information, they even have a watchlist.

That luchador was such an idiot. I'm surprised he agreed to give the old man half his earnings just for a mask if he thought he could beat the regular luchadors. The old man should have made up some kind of warning about the mask.

They mentioned Diana, they need to figure what to do with her & stop putting babies in the show.
Adalind has been so happy with Nick & Kelly that she seemed to forget about her daughter.

They put the healing stick away. How is a healing stick dangerous? Because of over-population? So much build up with the keys & they just put it away.

Before The Blood


I liked that reveal of robot-boy walking in on John talking to himself. I wasn't expecting that, I'm just glad he didn't turn into Gaius Baltar.

Poor John, he thought things were going well & then the stupid alien gives Molly visions of her ex & then gives him visions of Molly loving him. He was being really reasonable with Molly, she didn't raise the alien, just because it's partially human doesn't make it moral. Serial killers are 100% human & they are monsters. Maybe her alien baby is trying to kill the aliens on the space station by making it crash, but it could be releasing them into the atmosphere.

Good thing that legless girl figured out that Odin is a bad guy.

Katie was alive until they brought her aboard the Seraphim then the aliens must have exploded out of her stomach so I think Shawn had sex with alien Katie.

Stupid Sparks, he didn't even care that the alien killed his wife. It's a good thing they found video of adult Katie from the French space station to show him. How many space stations are orbiting Earth?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Return to Orange County

Son of Zorn
Season 1 Episode 1

Zorn has a Ram Man friend! & a Stinkor friend, until his head was ripped off, but it was cool to see.

The show was pretty funny, but it was also a little sad, hopefully it gets funnier.

Oh no, the DeathHawk is dead. Thanks a lot mom.

It's weird that nobody has a problem with a cartoon man walking around, but somehow they never heard of his island nation Zephyria.

Does everyone know about Alangulon's legs? He must have worn shorts or gone to the bathroom at some point.


From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
Season 3 Episode 4

I liked the Mexican Road Warriors. That one guy was flipping all over the place like he was Deadpool. Luckily Richie didn't kill him. I guess they realized they need to do some demons with less CGI/makeup & brought in the Jaguar Warriors from hell.

I really liked that McGraw's daughter showed up to get revenge. Now they have someone else hunting them. Hopefully she'll team up with Amaru.

Kate let Scott know that she's still in there. So she's more like Glorificus. Where is Santanico Pandemonium??

They referenced Star Trek & Delta Force.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Ghost

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 1

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance!! 

It's not the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider, which I prefer, but the Mexican car ghost rider, Robbie. I like that they kept his wheelchair brother. I really liked Felipe Smith's on the car ghost rider last year, but I hope they got rid of that serial killer spirit that was in the comic.

This was a really good episode. 

I liked that they are working on the LMD, but I could have sworn they were already mentioned in one of the movies. I'm not that interested in the SHIELD office politics. I really really liked seeing Ghost Rider beat up Quake. She was so annoying last season.

Even though I'm really excited about this, I was also excited about Deathlok & they have totally forgotten about him. It's so stupid. Instead of introducing a CGI-intensive hero, they should have gone after more tech based d-list villains. No matter what this season is going to be better than last season.