Saturday, August 19, 2017

To Right the Wrongs of Many

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 10

They managed to make a great last episode that made me forgive most of this terrible last season. I like that Helena named her twin boys after 2 real men: Art and Donnie. Tatiana really should win an Emmy for this show.

Hah, it's funny that they mentioned that stupid trans-pandering character from season 2 that everyone hated! Sarah is still a terrible mother & immature child. The fact that she didn't go to GED is not surprising.

I thought Virginia died in the last episode, nope Helena killed her in this one. Westmorland was killed too, it was just lame. This season was a real mess. They went from a science-based show about clones to terrible crap  about psychic Kira & the island of Dr. Westmorland.

No, Camilla did not ask out Delphine. She very clearly gave Delphine some advice on where to eat in gratitude, especially because Delphine kept saying "we" to her. Even with subtitles, idiots on the internet imagined dialogue that didn't take place.

Friday, August 18, 2017

He-Man in Exile

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 episode 13

I liked that He-Man said to the villagers "When good is threatened" like the show intro. It would have been great if he had said to Slushhead that the Great Rebellion had started.

They mutants really did take over. I like Quakke's report of all the mutants controlling Primus. Even though they weren't shown it was still good that they were naming them. It's too bad they didn't have the Galactic Guardians doing the same thing. Instead of some random villager, they could have had Vizar or Nocturna.

That weird Anadroid Terror Claw hybrid was bizarre, stupid scientists. The mirror trick was pretty good but there is no way a bunch of farmers from Primus could defeat a bunch of Terror Claws.

Said the Spider to the Fly

Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 11

It was really annoying that Liam was able to fight & hurt the hellhound when I don't think Scott ever did that. The new hell hound should have wiped the floor with him. Liam should have been really hurt afterwards.

I hate that they broke up Stiles & Malia. She's going to Paris? If she were going to London it might have been funny. Although she's a were-coyote so no quite She-Wolf of London but pretty close.

Stiles at the FBI was funny but I'm surprised that they consider Superman a serial killer. I thought he was off the show for good.

Scott & the coach were funny as always.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Built, Not Born

Dark Matter
Season 3 Episode 10

I knew they were going to eventually put Sarah into a body. I thought it would be a clone, but an android body is cool too. That sucks for 3 that they had to separate. They didn't even give each other a way to find each other, although I guess Victor has the Raza's com signature. Dr. Shaw is an insane person to make androids sentient & give them free will. Hopefully it will be different from the Synth storyline on Humans.

I like that everyone told Android how much they love her just the way she is & don't want her to change. It sure seems like she has emotions.

"Well. This is a little awkward."

This season's ret-conning of 2 is incredibly annoying. At least she remained 2 & so did Android.
It doesn't make sense that Shaw didn't inhabit the android body. Why would she give it a personality if it was going to be a shell? Now 2 has another origin story? Nobody seemed to know she had nanites but shouldn't she have known before 1's memory wipe?

Snake Man and Little Guy

People of Earth
Season 1 Episode 10

I like how the aliens barely react when they get discovered because they know they can just wipe people's memories.

I did not expect Don to agree to go to Iceland after Kelly was ready to go with him. That's pretty crazy.

I'm not sure that I like that they had the kids in a group as children so that's why they feel comfortable in a group as adults. At least they managed not to be racist this episode so I'll keep watching until it's too much.

So the aliens are coming to mine some kind of ore? haven't we mined everything? what's left? useless diamonds? Are there new aliens? that would be pretty cool if they have to work with humans to fight a 4th faction of aliens.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Another Trip Around the Sun

Season 1 Episode 2

So Harris gave Grace her clearance to know that the test rocket blew up which means she got that satellite technician killed for no reason. If she had just waited she would have gotten the information. Hopefully she didn't get anyone else killed when she stole that nuclear material for darius this episode.

Their heist went really well but I'm surprised that Harris woke up when she went to get the earing. He must have already found it or maybe the soldiers called him again

At least the professor isn't dead so that's good. It's too bad the EM drive isn't possible, it would be cool if they were trying to build something that is actually possible & doesn't violate Newton's 3rd law.

Hail and Farewell

Season 2 Episode 19

It was weird that the fairy queen turned into a young adult. I guess to try to seduce Simon because he's a daylighter? It didn't work though because she's not his type, does he even have a type?

The beta of the pack was pretty funny. Even though I'm pretty sure every werewolf in the pack is technically a beta. I liked that the Forsaken were back.

What?? Valentine met with the Seeley queen? He even bowed to her! what is going on!? I like that he had a spy in the clave but didn't tell Sebastian, that was smart. It also makes sense that more people would agree with him. Although with each episode the Shadowhunters seem more & more inconsequential.

They killed Jonathan! That sucks, I was hoping he would get another fight scene with Clary.