Friday, August 26, 2016

The Unicorn King


This episode was stupid. There were so many things wrong with this episode.

There's an island of winged unicorns? That means Swiftwind is no longer a unique creature. 

The island also contradicts the fact that Swiftwind's wings only grow when She-Ra directs the power of Grayskull at him. That's not necessary if there are naturally existing winged unicorns. Now it makes it seem as if only She-Ra transforms & Swiftwind just takes off his disguise.

We also meet Brightwing. This guy can't fly because an evil human put a spell on him disabling his wings. This makes She-Ra less unique because she's not the only one who has a winged Unicorn.

They were on an island but instead of Hordak bringing Admiral Scurvy or Octavia he brought Mantenna with him.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Last Temptation Of Richard Gecko

From Dusk Till Dawn

Of course dumb Richie took Malvado's deal & went over to the dark side. I can't believe Seth killed Sonja. 

Selfish Scott made his sister into a murderer, thanks bro. Oh noes, El Rinche!

So each Culebra has a unique power, like Twilight. Do they get their power right away or do they have to live for a long time until it manifests?

Sands, Agent of Morra


Not only did they film scenes using the styles of those directors, the fake comic books were also done in the styles of comic book artists! 

I can't believe they did that. I recognized a few,  of course they were DC covers because it's a CBS show.

I liked how it started as two apparently unrelated cases. I also like that Mike & Ike are getting bigger parts on the show.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Fear The Walking Dead
Season 2 Episode 8

I think this show should keep the family separate & slowly kill them all off. I don't see any way they can re-unite unless they all try to go back to the US & border patrol sticks everyone into some containment area.

They barely explained who that woman was at the beginning. I can't believe he didn't fight that woman who woke him up. At least to get his stuff. Then after that he actually slept on the ground again, you would think he would have learned to find a safer place to sleep after that.

Nick made 1 dumb mistake after another. I'm pretty sure you can drink out of a cactus but he ate it & then drank his own pee.

Those dumb dogs, that herd of zombies was probably following them. Shouldn't he have gotten infected eating that tainted meat? Why did those people choose to help him?

I think this might be the last season for me.

Clear and Wesen Danger


Captain Renard is acting like a police captain. Seriously, Nick needs to take some time off.

I knew that Hexenbiest suppression spell was going to wear off eventually. Adalind has been very normal. I liked the scene of them talking about sandwiches. It sure seems like they are going to make her part of the cast. Although she seems to be less interested in Diana now. Adalind did sort of confirm my theory that being a Hexenbiest makes you into a bitch.

I'm worried that Juliette is in that cell, not Diana, and that Meisner is training her to join them because there would be no reason for him to be fighting Trubel.

That was funny when Adalind was like 'Grimmenbiest? HexenGrimm?' Can't she go back to her day job before everything went crazy? How can she expect Nick to support 3 people now on a detective's salary.

I like that nerdy guy as a murderous Quijada Vil, whatever that is. I hope these claw people are coming after the keys.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The Last Ship
Season 3 Episode 10

This episode was nuts.

On the ship, Chandler got arrested then he pulled a mutiny! He made a deal with pirates, then they got arrested, then they were released with empty guns to help with the mutiny. It's too bad they couldn't convince that other captain but he was also right, you are supposed to follow orders.

The coup is still going on & the president tried to talk some sense into Shaw but she didn't care. Those regional guys want the country to dissolve & have separate countries just like in Revolution. They even started building walls!

Kara was smart enough to not trust kate & got the Jacob to help her! I did not expect that Jacob would turn into someone we would have to depend on. The IT guy also became her ally. The fake government then blamed the murders from last episode on Kara & Jacob! I liked that the crew's families are sort of friends now.

Is next season going to be the American Civil War II?

Stuff To Steal, People To Kill

Dark Matter
Season 2 Episode 8

"We went 1.2 miles"

A Mirror Mirror episode! The other universe they are not happy that the Raza is blinking all over the place & destroying things.

I like that they went back to the pilot with the Miners, & Jace launched a nuke to kill everyone! I wonder if he's on that marauder with FTL that blinked with them? Who else was crazy enough to do that?

There were two bad guys from season 1 who were on the ship, 3 cheats on 2 with Tash & they have S&M sex. I recognized the guy, Wexler from last season but I had to look up who Tash was.

Delany Truffault of the Mikkei Combine was the one who gave them the prison plans with her eyes & then she used them when she MIB'd them. So she's some kind of cyborg.

Did 2 tweak the android? Are her nanobots breaking down?