Saturday, December 10, 2016

Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones

Season 1 Episode 11

This episode was terrible. 

Everyone kept pointing guns at the father but they didn't shoot him. It made no sense. It would have been better if they had chased him around town so that they weren't just standing there threatening to shoot him. It also would have made the reporter saving him more believable.

They should have spent more time on that rapture storm, rapturing up all the people & how the reporter ended up in Idaho.

That lame gang of teenagers was awful. I wish the mom had shot them all & then the family had to defend themselves from the townspeople, that would have been much better.

I am really sick of the sisters' incredibly stupid conversations.

The Laws of Inferno Dynamics

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 8

I thought May was being too flirty & gung ho about fighting people. She used to hate being called The Cavalry, she was supposed to be a reluctant warrior, not some teen playing COD online. Now we know why.

The problem with this show, again, is that now that they are dealing with Ghost Rider who,  being supernatural, means Doctor Strange should show up & look into Ghost Rider. Of course he's a movie star, so they should have someone mention that he called or that they briefed him on it the way they had the director mention the Sokovia Accords & Ultron.

So much for Ghost Rider, what an anti-climactic ending, just they can focus on Quake. Since when is she claustrophobic? When did that happen? And that place they were in was really big. That was bizarre.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Teen Wolf

This was a pretty good episode with Malia getting shot by the sheriff, I didn't realize that's how Coyotes are. Then later on she wanted him to shoot that guy she spooned.

I like that the ghost riders travel by lighting. I also liked their vanishing bullets. I wish that people disappeared how I thought they did, basically being erased from people's memories, but it seems like there is no logic to how people disappear. Lydia's explanation for how Relics even exist, makes no sense. That mom & her medical records, also make no sense.

Not interested in the youngblood pack at all. Liam better not challenge Scott. I wish Scott had attacked one of the Ghost Rider & tore his throat open with his fangs, instead Liam attacked. What kind of True Alpha are you?

What! How long has the jeep been there? 3 days? Nobody noticed?

The Present

The flash
Season 3 Episode 9

Alkemy & The Philoshopher's Stone! Barry needs a wand!

It was a good ending with Barry heading the advice to not think about a possible future & take advantage of the present. I'm glad they are going to live together. Killer Frost making it snow for Christmas. I thought Draco said he had a girlfriend?

I did not expect them to go to Earth-3, which I forgot is where Jay Garrick lives. It's funny their Trickster sounds like the Earth-1 Trickster. How does he know all this stuff about the speedforce & Savitar?

I am not happy about Savitar's prophecy. It works on The Originals but not on these shows. The Arrow death was stupid & now this one. They really shouldn't do things like that, this show doesn't need it. They better be metaphorical.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde

Season 1 Episode 9

This was a good episode.

I felt bad that Wyatt had to use his real engagement story as a cover story with Bonnie & Clyde but it looks like it made Lucy start to fall for him, that & their kiss.

Henry Ford built some puzzle clock? I like the National Treasure style puzzles they are starting to develop. I hope they do more of that, like Supernatural did with The Colt.

There wasn't much of a history lesson this episode. The original way that Bonnie & Clyde were murdered was pretty brutal, the FBI just shot up their car.

I really don't like when they use their real names, but I feel like Rufus used Welsey Snipes already.


Season 1 Episode 8
This show continues to get worse with each episode.
They keep destroying the marriage just so they could have Frank say to Raimey "The only thing we have is you" & then Raimey replied with the same line. Of course, this line is completely untrue because it erases what we saw, which is that Frank raised Raimey alone after the mom died & they worked together as cops. They were pretty happy together. It also erases the happy life Frank had with his wife before he went undercover. It was so stupid.
It's just really bad now & they keep making Raimmy into a worse person in general because she led on that cop guy she banged so she could cheat with her fiance from the prime timeline. And he stalked a cop at her house? In 2016? Nonsense.
They have destroyed a really great movie to make this terrible tv show.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stay Away

Van Helsing
Season 1 Episode 10
What on earth is Harrison Wells doing on this terrible show? Did he owe someone a favor or did he want to practice his terrible French accent. It's like they forgot that Eden is still in America.
Instead of Vanessa biting all the vampires & turning them human, she is killing them all. Instead she bit the human, Theo. Is he going to turn into a reverse-vampire like Van Helsing because of her bite? If not, then it was incredibly pointless for her to bite him.
At least Van Helsing's bite makes you permanently human, as the selfish doctor found out when she tried to get turned again.
At 1st I liked that the vampires were finally farming their food by letting the humans live in that place but no, Magdalene is  eating the babies. More nonsense. I guess someone finally saw Blade & thought it would be shocking. It would have been better if the pregnant women were part of the other pregnant women story.
That guy stabbed Micah so it seems like he's the murderer, but does anybody really care about that "story"?