Monday, April 23, 2018

The Ties That Blind

Season 1 Episode 7

It's a big universe, of course there is no way that Beka's brother would just happen to run into them. I also noticed that they asked for the Andromeda Ascendant by name, but I figured that people had heard about him somehow.

i like that there are still organizations that exist, even though the commonwealth doesn't. The Free Trade Alliance & the Restorians make sense too. The Narwhal's lament got blown up!

I knew they were pulling a con when Andromeda told Beka that everyone could hear them & they kept talking about the Andromeda command codes.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

AKA God Help the Hobo

Jessica Jones
Seasson 2 Episode 4

I can't believe the super turned into a gentleman & didn't sleep with her. A man his age who is divorced can't be that stupid & naive about women.

i like that the kid is asking all the questions that a normal kid would ask. I seriously don't get how other people aren't curious. She should have just told him, then the kid wouldn't have almost died. Maybe they should watch their kid better.

What is the point of Malcolm being on Tinder? Who cares.

So Hogarth wants to kill herself? Insulting the person who you want help from doesn't usually work. What is Cheng doing? This seems like a poorly thought out story & why is the wig lady protecting Jessica, please tell me she's not her mom.

Man with My Face

Altered Carbon
Season 1 Episode 6

Another good episode, I thought they would tone down the aciton after last episode but nope, we were back in the Fight Drome. I had no idea who the ninja girl was at the end & it's Sierra! His younger sister?! That was awesome. I'm surprised though that Ortega attacked her, Sierra was saving them from dying at the hands of the crowd.

So Max Headroom has mutants? A rhino man & I couldn't tell what the other dude was, a tiger? I knew the rhino man was a bad idea. I like how Ortega with her cyborg arm just crushed Dimi's stack. I'm so glad that Kovacs doesn't mess around. It was his body but that didn't matter. Although it didn't look like the same actor, the new haircut really makes a difference.

The family drama was nuts, so Isaac didn't kill his dad, he just wanted his respect. Interesting.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

AKA Sole Survivor

Jessica Jones
Season 2 Episode 3

This was a good episode, but mostly because there are the other storylines going on at the same time, the Hogarth ALS & the super who wants her away from his son.

If everyone is starting to recognize her, maybe they'll put her in a mask. What is wrong with her? Does she fall out of bed every night?

Finally someone mentioned Captain America, the kid also mentioned the aliens. That wasn't so hard.

I like that Hogarth is still a bi+¢h to Foggy. I didn't expect to see him & didn't even recognize him. Did he lose weight?

Who is that crazy old lady with super strength? Let's see some more fighting!

The Wrong Man

Season 1 Episode 5

This episode was nuts! That elevator fight scene at the end was so violent. What was that insane weapon that the religious guy used? It looks designed to make the wound not heal. 

Kovacs finally asked what I've been saying every episode, how do you know that the person in the body is the correct person. Now that dude was in the cop's body & Isaac was in his dad's body. Was Isaac planning on banging his mom? This show can get really sick if they follow the logic out. It was obvious that someone was in a cloned body when they said only the gund safe is gene locked.

Those infectious people were weird. What is the point of them, to show future lepers?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Still Gotta Mean Something

The Walking Dead
Season 8 Episode 14

Jadis is so stupid. How did she even become leader of the junkions? She makes so many stupid decisions. She could have just told Negan that at X o'clock she was going to light a fire & he would regret things. She could have said anything, really, so he would know she wasn't going to kill him. 

I was pretty shocked when Rick starting killing those saviors. He gave them his word & then started murdering them. I didn't expect that. He was right to do so. He's finally learning to stop being so stupid with the saviors. Carl isn't around anymore to remind him to be a good man.

Why is the helicopter making regular search flights over a junkyard? Somehow it hasn't seen the hilltop or the saviors? Isn't Eugene's factory producing smoke? 

The Bibbet Story

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Seaon 2 Episode 27

This episode started out really well with She-Ra taking out a ton of Horde troopers & destroying the Horde chainsaw tanks! She used her sword to split a trooper hover bike in half. Then she split Etheria in half! It was a lot of great action.

But then the episode got dumb with these Bibbet people. It was basically the same story as the Rokkon & Stonedar episode. A bunch of pacifists who don't want to fight the Horde except for 1 of them. Stupid. What was weird is that the Bibbet king sat on a high throne with a mystic by his side, just like Hordak & Shadow Weaver. I don't know if they did that on purpose.

At least Bow flirted with She-Ra & Adora in this episode. & Adora blushed.