Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Crossing

Season 1 Episode 1

The Office of Interchange made a big deal about Howard telling someone about their tie & then it turns out, they just let people from Earth B run around on Earth A without a chaperone. How did the assassin girl even get onto Earth A? They have so much security for A employees but somehow B people can just stroll right through the door?

He is really good at acting like a spy & acting like a paper pusher. Hopefully they will use some Orphan Black special effects so he interacts with himself, because he didn't in this 1st episode & it was very obvious.

Howard B's Lucy is alive! Why did Other Howard lie to them? They need to explain why some British woman married an American & they are living in Germany for 30 years.


The Gifted 
Season 1 Episode 10

I thought Esme was deep undercover, but she is just evil. She's a Stepford Cuckoos! I totally forgot about them. I'm so used to them being in school girl uniforms! She is even more aggressive than Polaris. 

This show isn't making the mutants look so good. Every time they go up against agent Turner they make the government look more justified in taking the hard stance it has against mutants. Not only did this guy have to lose his daughter, twice! He now lost all his co-workers & had to watch his partner kill himself. & some of those deaths were brutal. This show is great. 

I like that the mom mentioned that Turner showed up at their house with guns first. So Turner's wife could realize what is really going on .

No they really killed Dreamer, I thought maybe it was an illusion, but they really killed her, like nothing.

They sure do make the Fenris kids look like they are orgasming when they combine their powers. I guess they are doing that on purpose because of the comics.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ritual & Repetition

The Exorcist
Season 2 Episode 9

There is no going back now. I think Andy is going to die this season somehow. Even if he's exorcised, those poor children are never going to trust Andy again. This season is going to turning out to be really sad. That family destroyed, those kids homeless, Andy in prison or dead, the neighbors dead, Harper's mom dead.

Father Tomas is having trouble fighting the demon. I like that they brought back Casey Rance to mess with him. But it seemed like he was using his powers to rescue Andy until Mouse woke him up & ruined everything.

And Mouse is being chased by demons? I couldn't tell what language they were speaking. I guess she's coming to the rescue.

I'm glad that Rose didn't die in the well.

The Defenders

Marvel's The Defenders
Season 1 Episode 8

The fighting was a lot better in this episode. It was still too dark, but everyone got to use their powers in this one. & they destroyed the Hand, killing all of them. But Daredevil is still alive so maybe Elektra is too. Which means we still have a chance to see someone stab her with her own sai.

So dragon bone cartilage is what keeps them alive? And there's a dead dragon under nyc? ok.

Defend! Daredevil should have said to Iron Fist "defend my city" not protect. They are the defenders, not the Protectors, that's Malibu. How stupid was that line, did they do that on purpose? To be annoying?

The best part is that they cut off Misty Knight's arm!! But they messed that up too, instead of mentioning the Winter Soldier or Stark Enterprises it's just a Rand Corporation hospital, fail.

The series was better than Iron Fist & Luke Cage. If they get in costume, another season might work. They need to make Hellcat & Misty Knight part of the team.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How It's Gotta Be

The Walking Dead 
Season 8 Episode 8

I was thinking last episode that the Confederacy should have sent flaming arrows into the Sanctuary but they didn't & last episode I thought that the saviors should have escaped through tunnels but they didn't. Then in this episode the saviors set Alexandria on fire, which is such a waste. The water, the solar panels, all of it. gone. and the Alexandrians escaped in tunnels.

I don't see why Eugene is feeling guilty, he made the right call.

Nooo, I can't believe they are killing Carl. He tricked us just like he did Negan. I guess he got bit last episode saving the muslim. Arrgh, they should have shot Jesus in the car. It would have been great, now the Hilltop has a bunch of saviors & the stupid Widow thinks that they will negotiate for those dudes? Stupid Rick thought the junkions were going to help him? Thanks to dumb Aaron & Enid shot the grandma of the Oceanside people they were trying to recruit. Arrrgh How stupid are these people? 


The Shannarra Chronicles
Season 2 Episode 9

The Mmorlock Lord gave Bandon good advice about power but Bandon just wasn't ready. That sucks that he's dead, he turned out to be a good bad guy.

Are they seriously killing Allanon? So that Mareth can take over? I don't like it. I would rather watch him than her on the show. She's still a whining kid.

Oh no, Eretria went full demon & almost killed Wil, it would be so great if she kills Lyria instead. Lyria is queen now? The real queen is dead, the princess is missing, the Crimson took the castle and if the Morlock Lord doesn't show up, their truce with the mercenary will end. Besides who would follow her, considering how often she leaves the palace.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Season 3 episode 9

They mentioned the Legion of Superheroes! Seriously Mon-El? You were going to sleep though centuries & not send Kara a message that you were ok? Doc Brown was able to send a message. It wouldn't have been that hard.

I really like that they brought back Thomas Coville. It makes me think that they sort of planned this season out a little, which is great.

Ugh Jimmy & Lena together is just stupid. It's too bad he doesn't report her to Human Resources for sexual harassment.

Reign's costume sucks. It's just black with a weird mask that shows a lot of her face. Is that what she wears in the comics? It's so boring. I can't believe Reign beat Supergirl, how did that even happen? Was Kara in doors all week?