Thursday, October 19, 2017


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 1

It sucks that they cleaned up that dinosaur chaos timeline so fast, although Rip is right, it was 15 minutes for them, but he was probably gone for years. I do not like his new haircut at all.

As much as I enjoy when the Legends mess up, it was a little annoying that the time bureau was so rude & condescending to them. They have powers & while they may not be the best for clandestine work like Rip said, they are a chainsaw & are important. I'm surprised that they didn't feel a time quake when Julius Ceasar was in Aruba.

"Your salad sucks"

Aren't we done with Vixen 1? She needs to stay in the past so her granddaughter can help out the Green Arrow. Why don't they make someone else join the team instead?

Worst Behavior

Marvel’s The Defenders
Season 1 Episode 3

Stick cut his own hand off!

I really liked the cat & mouse game that Daredevil & Jessica Jones were doing on the street. It makes no sense that Matt would just start jumping around like that unless he wanted her to see him so she would trust him.

Luckily that boardroom fight scene at the end of the episode redeemed all the SJW crap from earlier in the episode.

Luke Cage was being really stupid. He's so dumb, he ignored his own powers are unbelievable & again everyone is acting as if the Avengers & aliens don't exist.

Then they made the same stupid argument that non-comic book readers make about Batman. "Hurr Durr, he's a millionaire, just stop crime with jobs." So dumb.

Racist Luke Cage thinks it's ok to be a criminal? He's so stupid & racist. He actually talked about white privilege. They just want to ruin this show. I guess this is why nobody was talking about it at NYCC or anywhere else. If they do another SJW episode I may have to take a long break from this show, because I doubt it ties into Agents of SHIELD or Thor Ragnarok.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Monster

Stranger Things
Season 1 Episode 6

Nancy is lucky that the Demogorgon didn't kill her. I'm surprised that Nancy asked Jonathan to sleep over & then told him to get in bed. But he was such a gentleman he didn't try anything. He's going to regret that for the rest of his life.

That was a pretty good fist fight between Jonathan & Steve, Steve deserved worse. I'm surprised the police would get involved.

The knife fight at the gorge, on the other hand, was ridiculously unrealistic. Like some kid is going to cut another kid throat back then. Nonsense. Then Mike actually jumped off the cliff? So stupid. All of this, so 11 could save the day & break that kid's arm.

Eleven is such a little bitch, the store manager tries to help her so Eleven calls him a mouth-breather. He was just trying to help. Then she steals the Eggo waffles & destroys a bunch of things. She's the monster.

The Mind Lens

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 22

Skeletor was using mind control to take over a bunch of people on Primus.

I really liked how He-Man & Hydron sounded like Skeletor with the way they spoke & they even did the Skeletor laugh.

I'm not sure I get how resisting Skeletor's mind control let He-Man control Skeletor, but I guess it's the way of the magic.

Grot was in the underground city of Oonor, which is weird because he's usually in The Oasis. Drissi was walking around with He-Man & suddenly Mara was with Adam. Spinwit & Sagitar showed up, but not for long. Lizzorr & Optikk were on the bridge of the mother ship.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Gentleman’s Agreement

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 7

I like that they talked about the scar some more. 

There really are no cops in this world. Julian stabbed that girl executive in the cafeteria & nobody reacted.

I can't believe Sergeant Goyer did that to Officer Christopher! I can't believe he just snapped her neck like that. But he is so stupid, he really loves that sex bot? What a moron. What happened to fast food girl?

They replace Slink with The Gentleman. The Gentleman turned out to be an incompetent power hungry loser. He kept trying to kill all the racers & nobody respected him.

This episode was so violent. The monster that Julian released was ripping people in half & killed a ton of drivers. What are they going to do next episode?

The Wolves of War

Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 20

I was waiting for Scott to pull an Alpha move, & he almost did. It would have been better if he had grabbed the Anuke-Ite by the throat after he clawed his own eyes out. Or bit into it to hold it in place. But as it was, it was still pretty good. He clawed his own eyes out which nobody else would do & he ordered everyone around so not bad. He was the only one who didn't turn into stone.

Stiles is back finally back! with Derek. That was pretty funny.

Nolan really should have had more bruises on his face, the way Liam did. I liked that Theo actually helped that violent hunter kid just before he died.

It was a good happy ending. They did a way better job than other shows. It's too bad that Monroe got away but I guess they wanted a way to do a re-boot?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Booby Traps

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 6

This one was an Amazon Women episode.

"At least the machine's not allowed to vote."

Them milking the men for sperm was not what I expected. That wife is so violent. 

"We just got Wil E Coyote'd!"

Her car uses 8-track tapes?

I didn't expect for her sister to be dead. I thought they might find her & she'd join their team or something. I guess they figured it made more sense for her to get revenge.

I love that Julian stabbed that executive because he refuses to use the oxford comma!!

"It's nothing more than a stylistic conceit of publishing houses entirely gratuitous to precise language."

Aki's choice of actions were really funny. He's lucky she didn't choose. kill, maim, or castrate him. Man, he must be really stupid if he thinks they weren't monitoring him.