Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 1

I figured they were messing with us by how they had Rick think of each person & their life but when he did it with Carl, I knew he was thinking of what might happen because there is no way he would keep going if his son was dead.

I can't believe Rick was so stupid to threaten Negan after he killed Abraham. He is so lucky he didn't have to cut off Carl's arm.

"Maggie, I'll find you."

I didn't really feel sad about Glen until Maggie started to grieve. That fantasy at the end was pretty sad, especially with Glenn's son that he will never meet.

It really seems dumb to me, that the bad guys just left them alone. I'm still not impressed with Negan. Yes he was evil, but he's too cartoonish & over the top. And these guys all follow him? There were hardly any girls there. In the apocalypse, there is no way he would have an army like that. I found the "claimers" & basically everyone else to be more believable than Negan.

Despite all those lights & noise, somehow no zombies were drawn to that gathering?

Rio Sangre

From Dusk till Dawn: The Series
Season 3 Episode 8

Santanico is back!! There are only 2 episodes left, she better be in both of them.

"What are you? A rag-tag band of humans & Culebras fighting for truth, justice, the Mexican-American way"

I can't believe she assembled Carlos to find Lord Venganza. He was pretty funny, though. Their plan didn't make any sense, especially with the double cross but it doesn't matter because El Rinche double crossed everyone so that was cool.

It's too bad there weren't anymore Xibalban demons, it was just a regular Culebra with living tattoos. He was pretty lame & so was the prison run by inmates. That makes no sense, besides it was already done on Prison Break, especially with T-Bag in this episode. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hello Brother

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 1

I guess with it being the last season I have to accept that the doppelgangers are not going to end up with each other & I'm stuck with Steroline & Delena.

“To be honest, I’m just glad the whole vampire craze is over.” 

So are they finally embracing Judeo-Christain myths, because Damon implied that the girl in the water was from hell. I really hope that Enzo's clues were just so Bonnie could find them & not because she is some Greco-Roman monster.

I can't believe Virginia bit her tongue off. Maybe this time we won't hate Katie but who knows. Is Camille going to date Alaric? Where is Matt?

The Justice Society of America

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 2

The JSA totally beat up the Legends. It was pretty funny but it did get a little annoying at how rude they were to the Legends. Especially Vixen who was being condescending to the Atom, but she's nothing without her amulet. I know they are at war but it was stupid of them to not utilize the abilities that The Legends have.

Obsidian! is Green Lantern & Jade going to appear? Why is Dr. Midnight suddenly black? And they really didn't show his powers in this episode.

How funny that Prof Stein sang Edelweiss to the nazis!! right after he quoted Back to the Future! but he totally choked when things went sideways.

So Nate is a hemophiliac, are they going to put him in a metal suit to be the new Steel? Oh no Reverse Flash killed Hourman. Who is that Nazi hulk?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Near Far Problem

Season 1 Episode 3

Raimy is quickly becoming the unlikeable character on this show.

She yells at her dad, calling him Frank, even though she has all those happy memories of him raising her, but she keeps treating him like he's the dirty cop from the original timeline.

He's doing his best to raise his daughter in both timelines & she doesn't listen to him & seems to care more about her mom than her dad. She's pushing her parents apart because he went to save the student instead of taking care of her when she was a kid.

She's also a horrible person to her neighbor & is stalking that dude at his bar. She's so dumb she should go to the memorial to find out if anyone knows anything.

At least we're done with this bad guy. The show seems to be screwing up how the changes to the timeline work. If that guy died in the past she would not be injured. They should have thought that through more.

A Matter of Trust

Season 5 Episode 3

More trick arrows! Green Arrow at least put his guys out into the field. It's going to be like Batman & The Outsiders.

"He hits you guys?"

Rag Man is pretty funny. It was pretty cool to see them working together, but that black canary girl didn't really do much. Mr. Terrific!! with the Fair Play jacket & mask! He needs to start using his T-spheres. I thought Deadshot was alive because of Flashpoint, but Spartan is going nuts.

"I think it's cool."

That was funny because Green Arrow was Casey Jones in TMNT: Out of The Shadows. I did not expect Felicity to admit to Rag Man that she killed his family & his town. Speedy was so naive. Stupid Wild Dog, creating meta-humans. Is Samson from the comics?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fever of the Bone

Season 1 Episode 4

So glad Devyn and Brianna left that stupid cult & Aunt Sally was left behind. She's so stupid. She got infected with those flesh eating worms, there's a reason EMTs use gloves.

How could the mom be so dumb as to risk damaging their RV to go through that fence. They should have picked up bolt cutters when they were in that department store.

I also didn't like how the mom happened to know the same guy the military jerk knew. 

Dana talking about guns didn't make any sense. She made such a big deal about picking up a gun & yet in the last episode she picked up a gun with no problem after her dad told her to leave the building.