Sunday, March 26, 2017

Say Yes

The Walking Dead
Season 7, Episode 12

I like that the priest has become functional. he used to be so annoying.

That junkyard girl is nuts, but she seems pretty cool.

It sure seemed liked maybe they might have killed Rick, which would be incredible, but I figured it was the deer. Michonne has really fallen for him. He's right, if they get rid of Negan, being a new president is a terrible idea. They should just put the king in charge, he knows what he's doing.

Rosita & Sasha on a revenge-suicide mission, wow! Abraham must have been really good in bed.

How have they not searched army bases & posts yet? Do they not have maps? 


Black Sails
Season 4 Episode 6

This was a good episode but I really hope they get back in the ocean before the show ends. 

When that Spanish sailor told Woodes Rogers that he couldn't put the genie back in the bottle, I thought they were just messing with us.

I'm so glad Eleanor is dead, but it wasn't as satisfying. During her fight it sure seemed like she might survive. When Flint was leaving that house I thought he should give the swords of the dead Spanish soldiers to the women. Mady dying too was unexpected. 

Omg, when is Max going to die. She insults him & then says that she can defeat Woodes Rogers?! Give me a break. Rackham should have thrown her over the side. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tougher Than the Rest

Once Upon a Time
Season 6 Episode 11

Fat Captain Hook was pretty funny.

I liked that they used another fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, to explain her name as Swan. So much for the Swan Princess.

I thought that Robin Hood actor didn't want to do the show anymore? Why is he back? Archers are so useless against magic. They should have left him in that fake realm.

Belle took no responsibility for Gideon being a bad guy. It's all her fault that the Black Fairy got him. If she hadn't of stolen Rumplestiltskin's baby they could have raised him like a normal kid. It's like Angel's kid all over again. They should have kept him a baby & had Rumple & Belle get back together.

The Battle of Self-Acceptance

Son of Zorn
Season 1 Episode 11

Sir Pent! He's dead already. They should show a new citizen in every episode.

Craig getting slapped over & over was pretty funny.

Zephiritol pills was an interesting idea. I had forgotten about his cartoon legs. It was pretty funny that he just took his pants off in front of Layla.

Woah, I did not expect him to sleep with Linda. How did that happen. Was Edie going to his apartment to talk about Craig or because she wanted to get back together with them? That wasn't clear at all.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Cock Barrens

The Magicians
Season 2 Episode 6

Margo was pretty cool this episode, until she slept with Prince S. How did that guy go to school on Earth & still think that Margo was a virgin? I can't believe she declared war. I know it's a way to get an economy going, but this isn't Earth. They couldn't even tell that the castle was in the same spot.

The Julia & Kady story didn't make much sense. I get why that lady knocked Julia over the head, to force her to give birth & trap Renard but Julia was being pretty stupid to think that there is some other way to do it. Also the way they just left her there without her magic absorbing man was really selfish. Now Renard is going to torture that woman, as if she hasn't been though enough.

I'm so confused. I thought Alice was dead, but evil Alice tricked him into bringing her back to life?

Child's Play

Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 9

This show really is for man-hating feminists. The black guy couldn't handle a girls's obstacle course & once again Ichabod was sidelined, on his own show, trapped in a room. Then Jake & Alex are suddenly friends? After she lied to him to get free lunch out of him. What a great friend.

At first I was annoyed that they were blatantly ripping off the movie 9, but I guess their making the 9 sigil glow was their admission to it. And they did admit that they had done this story before. What was the point of this episode, mother-daughter drama? This show should be cancelled.

If they send Ichabod back in time to the League of Extraordinary Americans & Ichabod ruined the timeline by constantly talking about modern stuff, that would be great. but they would never do that, so I'm really glad this is the last season.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tree People

Season 6 Episode 9

The season is almost over & they waste an episode on them going after an Ent & an evil Groot. The only good thing is that they used Japanese fairy tales this time, but neither one was a Wesen. It's also stupid that Grimm didn't chop down the Jubokko tree, because it protected the Kinoshimobe & it's still alive.

I liked that they had Nick writing about the Ent & evil Groot but it's annoying that they forgot about the royals & black claw. Instead they are doing this mirror skull? Who cares. Nobody is searching for the keys or the stick. It's bad. The people who do this show used to do Angel, they figured out how to do a last season at the last minute. How are the Grimm writers screwing up so bad, when they have so much to work with.