Friday, January 20, 2017


Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 8

Sheriff Stalinski stole this episode. Even though I think this "summoning dead relatives" is the stupidest explanation since the Maenad willed herself into being immortal. Seeing the sheriff remember how he lost his wife was really sad.

The way the sheriff was able to recover everything in his room, makes it seem like the Riders do what I originally thought about erasing human memory only.

They are the only people left in town! Does The Wild Hunt just go town to town erasing people?

Nazi werewolf! Were they watching Grimm?! It turns out that Löwenmensch is a real thing.
I'm so annoyed that Scott didn't attack the riders. Liam did & so did Peter but Scott doesn't? He didn't fight the Lowen-wolf or the Hell Hound. He better beat up some Ghost Riders in the train station.

How does Argent only have 1 weapon? He should have multiple weapons, not just a gun. He's basically a deputy.

Parabatai Lost

Season 2 Episode 3

This time it was Magnus who called out the Clary family & this time it was the mom. It was really great. I am really liking how they have been calling out her family for throwing everything into chaos. Usually nobody says anything, but on this show people are getting tired of their family drama. So funny.

I did not like the Parabatai backstory. It wasn't what I imagined. They should have been linked from a very young age, not as teens. I thought they were friends from the beginning, but either those kids were terrible actors or they weren't really friends. Those flashbacks were just terrible & the use of different actors didn't help. That girl didn't even look like Isabel.

So funny, Magnus tried to wake up Alec using True Love's Kiss.

I'm glad beard mentioned that he was allowing a Downworlder in the church. How did Simon forget about his mom? Duh. How does Rafael expect him to look for his sire, is she on VampireBook? Does Simon have a sire-bond like Jace & Alec?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The World's Columbian Exposition

Season 1 Episode 11

This was a good episode with so much history trivia, even if it's not totally accurate, it had Pabst Blue Ribbon, Houdini, Ford & Edison, Cracker Jacks & the Murder Castle! I think they mentioned that on Hellevator.

That was pretty cool that Flynn had someone else try to take care of the other two. Using the multi-murderer was great. Flynn is right though. Lucy made the wrong choice last episode. Would she really not kill baby Hitler? But then she told Wyatt about Holmes knowing Wyatt was going to shoot. She really needs to work on her morals. Is she really a believer in situation ethics?

Garcia's plan to kill individual members of Rittenhouse is dumb, he should go back in time & kill the kid's mom or set the house on fire.

Rufus is so stupid. Rittenhouse can easily teach someone else to pilot the time machine, he's clearly not the only one. He's risking his family's life for these strangers.

In Plain Sight

Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 2
I like how the nerd thinks Ichabod is a time traveler. Oh look a single mom who can't make pancakes. Is that supposed to be funny? The nanny probably does everything.
The kid started talking normally when Crane showed up & there is just no good way this will make any sense. It would have been better if they had him all alone in DC & Abbie had just died permanently.
It also would have been better if the witches had a bigger connection to his wife. It looks like the anti-male nonsense is still here in this season. The witches kill some cheating men who hit on them even though they were ready to kill just for being approached.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mistress - New - Mistress

Emerald City
Season 1, Episode 3
They should have spent more time at the East Witch Castle. It would have been more interesting & suspenseful to have Dorothy there for more than half an episode evading detection.
I'm curious how they will explain the wizard controlling those giant statues. Either he did & lost his ability or he tricked everyone into thinking that he did. The drug use & brothel are really lame attempts at making Emerald City into King's Landing.
Jack kissing Tip made no sense. That was really stupid. It would have made more sense if she is a witch & was unconsciously making Jack aroused. Tip on the other hand was behaving like a normal person would in that situation, but I was pretty shocked that she killed him. I didn't see that coming.

We Have History Together

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 8

I liked that the tuning fork is part of a bell & that Matt's family is connected to it. That was a good idea. At least this season has a point now, assemble the bell, kill both Sirens. Now the problem is: will it kill Alaric's daughters?

They killed the anger management group people, even though they were trying to be better people, because the group leader wanted to live? Then they killed the doctor because they forced her to kill a drunk driver? Maybe they are trying to show the Salvatore's as evil.

Sybil was so annoying, I wish Caroline had just ripped her heart out. Caroline has vampire speed, why is she moving so slow. Why didn't Matt & his dad take fire extinguishers with them? Arrgh. This season is so frustrating.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trust Me Knot

Season 6 Episode 2

Well, this episode seems to have slowed down the momentum. They spent a lot of time in the tunnels & introduced the weird symbols on the cloth. I'm not sure what the point of that is. It's the last season, they really need to move to something big.

Either Wesen are exposed to the general public or the stick & the symbols cure all the Wesen or it turns everyone into a Grimm.

Instead they turned the stick into the one ring. That was really dumb. Also the captain should have died when he broke the knot agreement.

They really need to get a handle on Diana. Her being so powerful that everyone is afraid of her is not a good idea. They should probably use the stick on her.