Thursday, November 23, 2017


The Orville
Season 1 Episode 10

This was a good episode, I had not idea it was all common fears. I guess a lot of those things don't really affect me. But throughout the episode I could not figure out what was happening. I thought maybe there was an alien that was making those things show up.

It was pretty shocking when doctor Finn killed nurse Park.

Lt. Katan sure does run around a lot on this show. I like that they are giving her these episodes to learn how to be an officer. I didn't like how quickly they forgave her for breaking all of those regulations. Directive 38 & lying to the doctor is really serious.

Her dad is the Emergency Medical Hologram!

Helen Hunt

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 6

I liked that they had Professor Stein as Firestorm. That was pretty cool. I also liked the body switch Stein & Jax had. They were pretty funny as each other.

The rest of the episode was as terrible as that Flash episode. They had the men fight over Helen of Troy but they never made it clear that she was cursed to make men fight over her. Instead they just blamed men for being dumb animals fighting over some hot girl. It was really stupid.

After Crisis on Earth X, this show is going on the low-priority list. I can't watch Legends of Social Justice.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Help Me

The Exorcist
Season 2 Episode 7

I like how we saw how the demon conquered Andy & how Andy was fighting it. The demon tried to turn Andy against the kids by making him remember Nikki saying mean things about the kids but that was not working. Andy kept fighting it because he was like 'that is not what happened' because Nikki would never say those things. 

Then the demon figured out that by making the kids responsible for Nikki's death, because they slowed him down from reaching her at the lake, it could turn him against the kids. It was pretty interesting.

Just as I suspected, the rock was in her pocket to weigh her down.

The Big Scary U

The Walking Dead
Season 8 Episode 5

This episode was pretty good.

"Pople are the foundation of what we are building here"

Once again Negan is showing how he is trying to rebuild society & force is how it needs to be done sometimes. But most people don't see it. Gabriel could not believe it when that woman said "Thank you Negan. Thank god for you"

Sucks that Gabriel missed when he almost shot Negan. Thanks to the whole confessing thing, we know that Negan used to have a 1st wife, and used to help children before the zombie apocalypse.

Rick is wrong, they need to kill everyone at the savior compound just like Darryl says. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Season 2 Episode 3

They are lucky that little girl showed up, they were about to be ambushed. I suspected that Vincent was letting them see his files on them but Philip just assumed that he got into the system. Now that Maclaren saw the the deaf guy, he knows something is up with Vincent. and now the director knows where he is too!

3 months have gone by while they've done nothing apparently which is weird. Don't they have a mission. Are the faction & the director still fighting in the future? Kat is showing, Marcy is now a nurse & David was dating some anorexic girl. I guess I won't be filling up on cotton balls to lose weight.


The Shanarra Chronicles
Season 2 Episode 5

How great is this show! Eretria fighting those soldiers & then it turns out she is half demon!!? How is that even possible.

Nobody trusts Alanon. Nobody can see that he does what's necessary even if it means some people get hurt. He has to believe Mareth is his daughter now. What was she talking about, Wil wasn't acting like Allanon. Plus she likes him? When did that happen? Besides, I thought he was going to care about Eretria again.

Did they seriously travel into the past!? They don't even know the rules.

Monday, November 20, 2017

When Harry Met Harry

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 6

To make up for last episode's complete disaster, we got The Flash going after a murderous social justice warrior! The native American sjw was a violent criminal even before Black Bison got her powers, so that was accurate.

"Do you remember back in the day when we wouldn't calmly consider a stone statue our prime suspect?"

I like how Ralph was saying every girl's measurements out loud. The Council of Wells was good too. I liked that they did show how smart they are at the end.

Ralph's costume does like terrible. His mask shouldn't be so loose if it's made out of stretchy material.

An Officer and a Prankster

Black Scorpion
Season 1 Episode 10

Scorpion-Mobile upgrade: Aero Cannon. It was also put into reverse to act as a vacuum for the gas.

Gangster Prankster is back! Another villain from the movies. Once again they re-shot scenes from the movie with the new Black Scorpion actress. I like that he's a Joker/Two-Face hybrid. It was pretty funny when Gangster Prankster hit that woman in the face with a pie when he was a keystone cop. I think they ret-conned Gangster Prankster into being Argyle's biological brother.

He had a chip in his head like Spike to keep him good this time but those weird fat clones messed it up. They really need to stop Dr. Phoenix from resurrecting villains, now he's going to bring back Inferno.

It's too bad Black Scorpion didn't really beat up Gangster Prankster or Giggles.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Girls Night Out

The Flash
Season 4 Episode 5

What a horrendously terrible episode. Not even British Witchblade could save it. 

It was so stupid, they went on & on about stupid feminism but at the end, the girls let both criminals just walk away & they didn't even help the victim at all not, even medical attention. Is Cecille just a complete moron? They had a meta-task force with that leg immobilizer that they used on The Flash but the girls went to stop Amunet on their own & the grrlpower squad was a fail as vigilantes. Plus why the hell was Cecille on the computer if Felicity was there? That's the only thing she's good at.

Then they had Cecille's stupid college daughter as a stripper & when she got caught she pretended that she was doing feminist research about the male gaze? The mental gymnastics she went though was amazing. At least Ralph reacted the right way to her excuse. They actually said "hashtag feminism" & even drank male tears. It was the worst episode of a tv show ever.

It over-shadowed how they referenced Ferris Air & how Felicity referenced The Hulk!? So they watch Marvel movies? Not Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde?

eXtreme measures

The Gifted 
Season 1 Episode 7

Eclipse did seem to enjoy using his power to blow things up. I'm surprised the cartel didn't steal the drugs but I guess they each have their own "brand" of illegal drugs.

Why hasn't Thunderbird told Blink to get the memory removed by Dreamer? He could at least say it & she could say something like "I don't trust her" or whatever. It's really annoying.

Everyone was really overreacting about Mirage being a professional criminal. Eclipse is working with a drug cartel, again! Carmen is smart to use two criminal mutants. Why is there even a mutant underground? I would think organized crime would snatch them up right away. Mirage shouldn't even be there.

That dude who killed the woman is out of control. Jace is going to learn fast how powerless he really is against mutants.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Into The Forest I Go

Star Trek Discovery
Season 1 Episode 9

Another mess of an episode. 

They went to Pahvo to see if they could use "space sonar" to detect the cloaked Klingon ships, but then they fly to Star Base 46 at warp 5. Yet somehow they can detect, on long-range scanners, while flying away at warp 5, a cloaked vessel at the planet!?! Did they forget what this entire episode is about? So they return to try to figure out a way to detect cloaked vessels!? It was so incredibly stupid. Then they planted those enormous transmitters in plain sight on the ship. They didn't even put a blanket on it to hide the lights.

And they needed 155 spore jumps for it to work? That was nonsense. Just fly around at impulse. Plus the Klingons just drifted there while they watched the Discovery teleport around them. It was so stupid. They should have dropped cloak & fired. Then Captain Lorca decides, for no good reason, that they should jump to the star base & they end up so deep in Klingon space that they don't know where they are, unless they accidentaly time traveled & the stars are in different positions.

The Rent joke wasn't even funny after all that stupidity. So he has PTSD but he's going on Away missions to Klingon ships, but Captain Lorca has trouble sleeping & the Admiral wants to relieve him of command. How do they not have regulations for personnel who have PTSD? Not that it matters because it sure seems like he's Voq pretending to be human.

Life's a Gas

Black Scorpion
Season 1, Episode 11

The Scopion-Mobile got downgraded! Argyle took away the oil & the smoke screen because it caused pollution.

Pollutia was not happy with the way the Scorpion-Mobile had really toxic emissions & her corks in the pipes actually harmed Black Scorpion, so maybe it was good that Argyle made it more ecological.

At first I was annoyed that Breathtaker was back, but I think they did a good job of making him be relevant to Pollutia. I wish she didn't turn into smoke though. It would have been better if she was like the Smog Monster & could produce it like bad breath or something.

I liked how Black Scorpion used the Aero Cannon to vacuum Pollutia into a jar after beating her & her assistants Vapor and Mist.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Darling Nikki

The Exorcist
Season 2 Episode 6

The possession is not a secret now! Father Marcus did a good job of pushing Andy. He even had the rock from the attic. I can't believe Andy stabbed Harper's mother! He ripped her open, that was brutal.

There is no denying it now. They were all floating! Even Hope! I hope those kids are ok, as if they haven't had enough trouble, now there is a real demon inside their dad.

I really liked the dinner table discussion. Andy did a good job of going after the church without bringing up  pedophile priests. Just on regular stuff he was able to make a point & he doesn't even know about Father Markus.

I wonder why that rock is important? Did Nikki kill herself with it or something?


Season 3 Episode 6

I like that they are connecting this show to Smallville & mentioned Chloe Sullivan but Chloe's wall of weird was from high school before she knew Clark was Superman. Kara landed on Earth after he was already Superman, so once again, Supergirl writers don't know know anything about their own show.

The rest of this episode was so boring. I don't want to watch "Midvale." They should have spent the episode with Alex grieving or something. Anything but this. 

The murderer should have been some random person because the sheriff being a bad guy was stupid. If the sheriff had helped them, it would have been a way for Alex to go into law-enforcement but nope. They had to keep hating men so they chose the sheriff.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Protocol 4

Season 2 Episode 2

Phillip still should have had those eye drops analyzed. Now he's going to get addicted to a new drug.

Poor David, Marcy just does not remember him at all & now there is no way she is going to fall for him again. He's damaged & girls hate that. I'm surprised she didn't vomit when she saw him having his panic attack.

Could there be a better story to let men know not to get married. While Grant cluelessly thinks they might have a chance to fix their marriage, Kat decides to ask for a divorce when she finds out she's pregnant. He broke the protocols & was almost murdered to save her life while she's planning her surprise divorce. 

Even this Canadian show can't keep politics out of the show. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your culture. Sure, she could have gotten in trouble for doing that or maybe she's blocking the director from knowing what she did.

Take Shelter

Marvel's The Defenders
Season 1 Episode 5

Wow, everyone is in this episode. I was getting tired of them not telling Misty Knight what is going on. I really like how they had Hellcat be impressed by Daredevil. please put her in a costume & make her join the team!!

The other members of The Hand showed up to kidnap the Iron Fist. now it makes sense that the defenders are all together. but they really need to wear costumes or at least their colors. It was so dark, I wasn't sure who was fighting who.

"Nice ears."

It really bothers me how they have the Battle of NY newspaper on the wall but then everyone acts like it didn't happen. I was so glad when Stick just chopped off that guy's head. I can't believe it took them so long.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Some Guy

The Walking Dead
Season 8 Episode 4

I like how they call Maggie, The Widow. It's too bad they don't call Rick, The Sheriff.

Poor Ezekiel, he was bragging how nobody died & then everybody died. I get why he couldn't handle that people were dying for him. Not just the fat larper but a bunch of people actually jumped on him as if they were the secret service. It's a lot to suddenly realize that people are dead so that you can live.

They are serious about this season being all out war. They even had a car chase. I'm surprised that big gun didn't hit Rick, but they were on a curve so it couldn't really shoot except directly behind the truck.

They should have had more zombies killing the tiger. I can see how it would happen but there weren't enough there.

...And Finally: Black Bolt

Marvel's Inhumans
Season 1 Episode 8

I'm so glad this show is over. What a terrible show & what a waste of an entire group of characters. 

Instead of getting an introduction to people living on the moon we got a coup that should have been supported by the lower caste people & at the very end, the people chose the oppressive monarchy for no good reason. Then they all abandoned their moon city and are going to be on Earth just so they can push this SJW refugee angle either on Agents of SHIELD or next season. I don't know why they went in this direction because Thor: Ragnarok just did the same story & they did a much better job of it than this show did. This show ended up being a low-budget version of Thor.

Black Bolt is apparently powered down on this show. He can kill people with the word "why" but saying "good bye brother" only knocks down a wall. Pretty boring. And now there is some "real enemy" that we are supposed to care about? Louise hugging Medusa was so forced & did not follow at all from their interactions. And finally this terrible boring show is over.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Trust Me

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Season 1 Episode 2

Silvermist!! I did not expect that. OMG, that would be so cool if we see the other fairies. It's too bad the turtle didn't make a Crush joke or something. Did they seriously mention Anastasia? That's not Disney.

So we got to see Cyrus the genie falling for Alice. It's too bad they didn't use something other than an origami swan to communicate. It should have been some Disney thing like a scarab. At least they can head in the direction it flew to find him.

Another episode where the Red Queen challenges Jafar even though she has no powers. That's so stupid. Why is she doing that? And why does he even need her. I'm really not liking the two of them together. She seems so useless.

No Sweat

Black Scorpion
Season 1 Episode 9

No Scorpion-Mobile upgrade this episode.

I liked Aerobicide, the insane cyborg feminist. She was killing all the fat millionaires so she could buy ad time to sell beer that decreases testosterone & turns all the men into wimps. What a feminist nut job!

The cyborg feminist blamed all men because she ruined her joints staying in shape. Aerobicide & her underlings, Stretch & Bend were annoyed that they had to keep fit as housewives so that they could inherit their millionaire husband's money. Her having to stay in shape as a housewife so she could get rich after her husband died, was somehow men's fault.

It was pretty funny that all they had to do was make the fat millionaires exercise until they had heart attacks. Black Scorpion was not having their victimhood whining & beat the crap out of all 3 of them, she even beat the cyborg. She used Argyle's remote controller to make her wear out her robot parts but it seems like maybe Black Scorpion killed her but it wasn't clear.

So weird that they ended the episode with the same car chase they've used before, if you were watching the show as it aired, once a week, you might not notice having seen the same footage weeks apart but I'm not.

What are her throwing things called? Scorpion fangs?

Monday, November 13, 2017


The Shannara Chronicles
Season 2 Episode 4

Holy Crap Bandon is super evil. He killed that innocent elf kid for no reason, just to win some kind of argument against those random elves living in his house. I liked that he tried to reason with them at the dinner table & they were being unreasonable but he would have won the argument if he had spared them.

Why did Eretria forgive the princess? Nothing changed, there was no reason for Eretria to change her mind, it was stupid.

I guess Catania really is dead. That sucks. At least King Ander now knows what's happening and he killed that traitor but he still trusts the queen, like an idiot. He shouldn't go through with that marriage. There's no need for it.

Return of the Mack

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 3 Episode 5

Rip was right & White Canary is wrong. She shouldn't have turned him in.

Nooo, not Damien Darhk again. Why?? Why can't they use another bad guy. Nobody on the ship is magical, so I get why they use him, but they said Mallus was going to be the bad guy not Damien. I can hope that we won't see the water girl again. I hated her on The Originals & I hate her here too.

Mick hates vampires, I totally forgot he was in Blade Trilogy.

"Ray, it's not freaking Toy Story 3"

That seance woman actually did contact Isis' brother, he mentioned what happened & Cadmus. Nobody back then knew what that was.

Now I have that silly song stuck in my head. It was funny when they played it during the fight.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Damage

Season 3 Episode 5

I liked how Supergirl was holding both pieces of that plane.

I like how Morgan Edge called her on not being able to stop him. That's the best villain for Supergirl, a powerless human that she can't punch. Of course, I like her having female villains that she can punch too. Maybe they used them all up?

I'm surprised that Morgan doesn't have video cameras in his office to catch Lena pointing a gun at him, of course his subsidiary is selling fake chlorine, but isn't it the gym's fault for buying fake chlorine?

I really hated that Winn invented a smart phone attachment that can analyze matter. What is the point of him looking at it, if the device can do it.

Ugh Maggie is finally gone, how did they not discuss this before they got married, not only did they ret-con Alex into being a lesbian but in this episode they ret-conned her into have old ex-girlfriends. Did they forget that Maggie being her first was an entire episode!!