Thursday, July 20, 2017

Manacled Slim Wrists

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 6

I'm so glad they killed Susan Duncan. She had the nerve to whine about "the patriarchy" (which doesn't exist) when he literally just said that he paid for her work, which is capitalism. It was stupid feminist victimhood that ignores facts. What a moron. It's too bad she died with a heroin overdose. PT should have stabbed her to death. Did anyone really feel bad for her? No. She was an unlikable character from the beginning. Poor Ira is who we felt bad for. Like Virginia said, Susan didn't even try to cure him. The poor guy died helping people, all alone.

"You're making me super wet and I'm still mad at you!"

Krystal is back!! She was so funny. A couple of lines in the opening sounded like Allison, but then she was Krystal the whole time. It was great. Like when she went into the bathroom & was sad that he lied, but she was talking about that he lied about liking her vlog.

Normcore! I don't remember Scott dropping out of school. That was stupid that they did that, it was unnecessary.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day of Atonement

Season 2 Episode 16

I was getting annoyed with everyone this episode, but then I remembered that they are teenagers so it makes sense that they are behaving like children. As much as I like Alec, his dad cheating is between him & his wife. Sorry kid, it doesn't concern you. Especially when your dad is still being a good father to you.

I have lost track of Valentine & his family, it's pretty complicated & maybe I need to look at a family tree.

What is up with Maia? She banged Jace & now she wants to go back to Simon? It was nice of her to comfort him but it was super-weird that she is doing that. When was Simon's mom an alcoholic?


Season 2 Episode 3

the preacher was beating up those ghost guys. it was a really good fight scene. they should do more of that on this show.

I knew the capital of Florida was Tallahassee. 

Hell is apparently a Holodeck prison. Poor Eugene was just a dumb beta-orbiter to slut Tracy. Who would rather kill herself than date Eugene. Even after burning his mouth into a butthole, he still hasn't escaped the FriendZone. Maybe Hitler will help him.

I was expecting more people laughing at the Preacher when he asked about god. I did think he was dumb that he kept going to bars, is there really jazz at every bar? Fat Rufus sent him to that blonde, so I knew something was up & I was right.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ease for Idle Millionaires

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 5

Oh no, Ira just glitched. I was hoping he'd make it to the end with a cure or something.

It was pretty funny how they were all in that old timey clothes. I was hoping for more Dowager Countess style insults. That would have been great.

Cosima sure can be a dumb college girl. with her stupid "girls are victims, wahh" comment that made no sense. PT doesn't divide women, he's put more women to work then anyone. I like how PT called her on her hypocrisy, then he shot the mutant guy. I'm so glad it's dead. It was a dumb idea that wasn't going anywhere. It made no sense that it was running around the island all this time. Those villagers wouldn't agree to live there with some mutant freak. It wasn't thought out.

Kira has turned into a little fat bitch & I'm not liking her at all.

A Problem of Memory

Season 2 Episode 15

I like that Simon is still not telling anyone how he became a Daylighter. Once he does that will seriously start a vampire war. I'm surprised nobody has kidnapped & tortured him for the info.

That sucks that they killed that girl, but I think introducing mundanes who know about the Shadow-world is a bad idea.

I like that Simon killed that foot fetish vampire. I would think that would make everyone there not go anymore. So humans get high off vampire venom? How are they not all drug dealers then? It would be easy money.

Oh no they killed the real Sebastian. What is he?

Monday, July 17, 2017


12 Monkeys
Season 3 Episode 9

This was a good episode about Gaius Baltar

We got to see Athan as he becomes bored with people, because to him they've been dead for centuries. So you think that is what makes him not care about people, but it's a girl who he falls in love with & then he visits his parents! I was sort of mad at him for judging his dad for what James had to do because of the damn virus. Then he gets the idea for the red forest with frozen time & immortal people from Cassie! What an insane loop.

I didn't like how Eliza was all self-righteous at him, because suddenly the thief girl is talking about godliness. I guess I can see it, but I didn't like it. I think most people would have asked Athan to help her dad from dying, not give him the pocketwatch.

Then he tries to save her life 607 times! That was nuts. I didn't like the destiny crap that they pulled though. It really was a bad idea. They finally sent Jennifer home so she can become old lady Jennifer closing another loop.

Anchors Aloft Part 1

Season 1 Episode 59

I like that She-Ra actually used her sword like a sword & hit a couple of Horde Troopers with it. But then she turned it into a harpoon.

That little sarcastic mouse is my favorite character of this show. He was out of control, insulting Seahawk every chance he got. It was so funny. 

I like that they insulted his skyship cause it flies instead of floats on the ocean.

Crazy Admiral Scurvy is unnecessarily wearing an eye-patch on the cyborg part of his head.

I laughed at their Light Saber synonyms: laser rapier & photon cutlass.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Season 3 Episode 5

Camille is super-annoying. How is anyone friends with her? She took out her frustration on everyone because she can't talk to people. Meanwhile I don't even know what's wrong with her dumb DJ, ME. Good riddance to that story line. Nobody cares.

I liked seeing them all as kids & what their family relationships were like.

Ivy is just annoying, the only good thing is that her crazy old man father is around.

Let the Children and the Childbearers Toil

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 4

Sarah is a terrible mother. Of course her daughter doesn't want to confide in her.

I agree with Felix, they should have consulted him on whether to involve his sister or not. That was really rude of them & the way they ignored his art opening & his own life. They were all being reall bitches to him. That's how they pay back their "ally."

I forgot all about Virginia Coady & Castor.

I don't like that they made it sound like PT needs Susan Duncan. There are enough characters, they should have killed her & her Castor boy.

I hate that they are all psychic now, it was better when it was just science. I also hate the mutated monster guy.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Horde Prime Takes a Holiday

Season 1 Episode 18

This episode was nuts!

She-Ra can just make her sword become anything: enormous shield, lasso, parachute, even an oxygen helmet! I don't even know how that is supposed to work when he hair is hanging out the back. I'm pretty sure she flew through space on Swiftwind in another episode so I don't why she even needed the helmet in this episode.

He-Man can just throw a grappling hook so hard that it reaches escape velocity & flies into space! Then he can stop a gargantuan space destroyer from flying away to Eternia!

I liked that Skeletor took out Mantenna, Multibot & Hordak. I also liked that Horde Prime put Hordak in his place. Hordak pulled out a Horde shield which is pretty cool so I might get one for my Classics Hordak.


12 Monkeys
Season 3 Episode 8

I'm so glad Cole jumped a few seconds into the past to help himself beat up Deacon, as they were fighting I was thinking he should do it & then he did it. Those 4D vests are so cool.

I forgot that Jennifer was there, so it was really cool how she showed up at the masquerade.

They are seriously trying to kill Cassie & Cole, even Dr Jones was ready to shoot them. I felt bad when Jones said she thought of Cole as a son.

It was pretty funny when Oliva told Jones to stop smoking. That's dumb that they put Jennifer in the cell although she did cause a paradox with the turtle.

Gaius Baltar is the witness!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mumbai Sky Tower

Season 1 Episode 2

I was wondering how the preacher was going to avoid that bullet.

This episode didn't have a lot of Ennis stupidity. Only the 1 arm guy trying to use the candy machine. It was really dumb. Jesse told them to fight the Saint of Killers. He didn't say "don't feel any pain" or "don't bleed to death."

I also don't understand this angel, or demon because Fiore did say he was in hell & is never going back. He's not a warrior angel or a guardian angel. When the Preacher told him to find peace, his solution was to have the Saint of Killers kill him. Cassidy asked Fiore about being gay, but it wasn't clear. Especially after we saw him bang a hooker. So who knows.

Maybe Cassidy will meet up with Klaus!

Jungle Fever


Season 1 Episode 57

I liked that Rattlor & Grizzlor were on Beast Island.  She-Ra can talk to animals, not Adora. That was a dumb mistake in this episode.

How has The Evil Horde not conquered these Beast Warriors yet? Are they too primitive to be noticed by Hordak?

It's too bad she didn't convince the Beast Protectors to join the Great Rebellion. I feel like every time she meets one of these tribes, like those elves & that prince guy, she should be convincing people to join the rebellion. That would make the show better.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Win, Luthor, Draw

Season 1 Episode 11

Skartaris! That was the best part of this episode.

Lex Luthor being president is not new, but turning him into President Trump with the tweeting was stupid. I don't want to see real world politics in my comic book tv show. They should have talked more about the insurance.

The secretary becoming a speedster was also stupid. They already hinted that she might have super-powers, when she survived her car being destroyed so there was no need to make her a speedster.

Adam West guest starring as a senile board member was pretty sad considering it was his last role. Again, this dumb show had bleeped out profanity.

Of Shadows And Skulls


Season 1 Episode 56

I like when they start an episode in the middle of a fight. It shows that are trying to rebel against The Evil Horde.

Shadow weaver hates Hordak? This is news to me, I thought they were close, I didn't think she was like Evil-Lyn. She even contacted Skeletor to take out Hordak. I like that we got to see Spikor! Dumb Hordak didn't even realize she betrayed him.

I seriously hate how failmation created their lame Hordak & made Skeletor his apprentice, it doesn't even make sense. failmation just wanted to crap all over He-Man as much as they could because it was more successful than their Blackstar cartoon.

Hordak had so many arm attachments, someone should make them on shapeways.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Into the Light


Season 1 Episode 10

What an anti-climactic ending. This turned out to be a really terrible show. I'm not watching season 2.

They went into the Coma Realm, which is supposed to link to the afterlife but it was just a snowy mountain where they weren't cold. Nothing attacked them & none of it made any sense. There was hardly anything that we've seen or heard about the Coma Realm in this episode.

Holden created a bridge then destroyed it, Frost kissed some maggot face thing that he thought was his dead wife. Hooded people came up on the bridge. There was no link to the last time we saw one of those people. Willa was just barking orders & Holden, who can see the future, apparently kept saying how much he cared about Willa, even though he just got back from his sex weekend with Charlie.

The mom & dad were dumb. It was just awful. And the ending with his younger self showing up? More stupidity.

Loo-Kee Lends A Hand


Season 1 Episode 55

This episode was ok. He-Man & She-Ra are so strong the can disrupt the laws of spacetime. Imp turned into a megaphone, which was weird because not only did Hordak speak into Imp's butt, Imp also shook his butt in Hordak's face when he changed back.

Lighthope just blurts out She-Ra & He-Man's secrets to Loo-Kee! Somehow, Loo-Kee can exist outside of time? So basically the Mighty Spector is a version of Loo-Kee.

I didn't know Frosta had a blue horse. Maybe she's just riding Bow's blue horse, Arrow. Ugh, why did they have to bring Orko along.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice

Season 1 Episode 9

This episode is where we meet the Green Fury & The Olympian, before they break up.

It was shown out of order with Green Furious & Emergency Punch-Up because of a gas attack in the real world somewhere, that nobody even remembers anymore. It's so annoying when they do that, nobody is going to be offended by 1 tv show.

It was a pretty good episode with no sjw nonsense. All of Van's silly awards were pretty funny. I liked the target that they were using. I only recognized Merlyn & Deathstroke.

The Light of The Crystal

Season 1 Episode 54

Facet was so useless. Luckily Granita showed up. She should have replaced Prince Storm in this story. Rokkon could have replaced King Varn & Stonedar could have replaced that coward Prince Arkion.      

It didn't make sense that those silly elves called their little kingdom Elfworld, when the planet is called Etheria. Also how did Prince Arkion just stroll into The Whispering Woods? Can anyone walk in except the Horde? 

It sucks that Glimmer didn't use her powers at all in this episode. She could have shot light beams off the crystals in the Crystal Mines & taken out all of those Horde troopers