Monday, September 25, 2017

The Fucking Dead

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 5

So this episode was a outbreak movie? or a VD movie? Did they make grind house movies about that stuff?

I thought that Julian had ruined everything by killing Jaime & Cersei Lannister at the end but I guess that machine was for bottling liquids, so he's lucky that the orange cure was in them. I thought it would be produced when they orgasmed or after they had been having sex for awhile the way it did with the people infected with the Dionysus strain.

How do still have mail in this weird future? I'm surprised that the cop was so shocked by his cyborg eye, it didn't look that bad, but it was so funny when Aki started screaming with him. The blue bunnies were funny too.

They can teleport using a Blood Gate!?

The Fourth Man

Somewhere Between
Season 1 Episode 7

Nico was drunk & a jerk but he sort of had a point. His brother is sexual & has a daughter, Susanna shouldn't be giving Danny mixed signals. Why would Danny blame Nico if Danny was taking the fall so that Debray would take care of Ruby.

Man, Laura knows how to lay the guilt trip on.

Nico finally figured out that Cupcake was dirty but I didn't expect Cupcake to kill himself! That's funny that they tracked down some random girl's video camera! That camera thing with Ruby was pretty good. I forgot that they were fixing it for Ruby. Was this all planned out? 

I really like that the DA had Laura committed. She was trying to use Serena as a weapon to hurt the father. She should have confided in her husband a while ago. Why were they speaking Spanish?? Was that established in an earlier episode? I don't remember them mentioning that.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

About a Girl

The Orville
Season 1 Episode 3

Oh man, I started to cringe when they started talking about changing the baby's gender & the crew judging him, even though he is a literal alien from another planet who lays eggs!

I really like that in the end they had no choice but to respect the Moclan's culture even though they disagreed with it. That just brings up more questions. It turned out to be a really good episode with no easy answers.

The tribunal showed that the humans were total hypocrites with the circumcision question. "That's different" the doctor said. OMG. 

"I am growing weary of my shipmates imposing their will upon my family."
Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they're right?
"I will decide what is best for my child!"

The holodeck with the pancho villa dance off was really funny. The rudolph cartoon was pretty funny too. 

"Or you would have achieved glory guiding Santa Claus in Christmas Eve"

The Body

Stranger Things
Season 1 Episode 4

Although I can see how the mom would think Will is alive, it doesn't make sense that she thinks her son isn't dead. If anything she should think that her son's ghost is talking to her.

The scientists are still going into The Mist & lost someone.

I like how the cops were like "is that before or after you changed out of your clothes?" I like that the sheriff is still investigating.

They made Eleven look like a girl so they could contact Will, but this show is popular because people are so unhappy with the world we live in now & they don't seem to realize the reason why they yearn for the life & the town in the show.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

All In

Season 1 Episode 11

Jillian is apparently ok with Liam having kissed Amanda. It's like it didn't even happen. Jillian was ready to go on a picnic & marry him! Right, Liam was adopted by the nurse, suuuure.

Harris better hope his son got out of there. I like that they killed those members of that Resist hacker group. That hacker girl pulled a gun on the Secretary of Defense. She should have been arrested anyway.

That airplane stunt was really dumb, they should have come up with some other way to get Darius & his uncle to work together.

Making that Claire sit on the Oval Office sofa like Kellyanne Conway was really stupid because Claire had her heels on & Kellyanne didn't.


Somewhere Between
Season 1 Episode 6

What?? Nico killed his fiance?? I did not see that coming. I thought his brother was going to say that some bad guy had threatened his daughter unless he confessed to the murder. That would have made more sense, but him covering for his alcoholic brother? That was pretty shocking.

This episode wasn't as fast-paced as the other ones. They drove to some bunker in the woods & visited Susanna's father.

That didn't make sense that the killer would answer any of Nico's questions. Also that guy in the insane asylum was terrible. Did anyone do any research into that? It was a really bad scene especially with the way that Laura was behaving with him.

Friday, September 22, 2017


The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 19

He-Man vs The False Accusation, is what this episode should be called. Vidora falsely accused Adam of threatening her. Could that robot-girl get more evil! Stupid Werban believe her too. Adam is lucky they saw that circuits in her arm.

I like that Flipshot & Hydron were using their toy weapons plus the Primus Guards were fighting back.

They drew He-man with his sword but he dropped it when he went into the Juggernaut to fight Vidora's Terminator form. It looked like there was a big eared mutant on Primus

How did I never realize that Oonor is underground! The Juggernaut with the rainbow tractor beam drilled down from the Oasis into Oonor. Is that the only underground city?

Command Performance

The Orville
Season 1 Episode 2 

This one was pretty good. The Calivons were really advanced, I guess it makes sense that they wouldn't bother with our culture. The reality show stuff was really funny. How did Alara even know about that?

I'm surprised that the only thing that made Alara change her mind was just 1 conversation in the cafeteria.

I knew Alara shouldn't have brought that probe aboard. She should have scanned it more. She seriously made a mess after being in command for just a few minutes, she was not exaggerating. Dr. Finn should have told her "my first duty is to the ship."

Oh no, a female Moclan. That's bad.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 4

I just realized that each episode is a different grind house genre, this one is the insane asylum. Last episode was vampires, before that was cannibals.

I liked the fight scene with all the freeze frames. Grace was right, they should have gone in with weapons. 

That poor cop, Aki totally fisted him! Then she gave him a crazy hand job! I am still shocked at what they are showing on this show.

So Julian used to be a DJ & before that a doctor? How is he still so young? I wonder where Grace's sister is? Is she at Heart headquarters?


12 Monkeys
Season 3 Episode 10

This show is awesome! They were chasing each other across time. It was pretty cool.

Olivia is the witness & she stabbed Katerina!! Then she killed Athan! 

That explains how Olivia was able to communicate with the witness without using technology. I really didn't like that, when they first introduced that but now we know she was taking her orders from her future self. Athan is not the evil witness. 

"I'm a lot of things, kiddo. Brainiac mental patient, CEO/corporate terrorist, future-psychic gypsy pirate, but I ain't no squatter, bro."

I liked how Jennifer was like, let's fast forward through your recovery.

They didn't end up at the 1st episode of this season, so maybe that will happen next season? Because they seemed ok with it like there's a happy ending or something.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Into the Fire

Somewhere Between
Season 1 Episode 5

This show is nuts, I can't believe all the stuff that happens in 1 episode, but it's got to move fast because Garona is running out of time.

I like that things are starting to come together & there is a reason why they are connected. Laura should have told the biker that she would stay out of it if he left her daughter alone. But she's crazy so she didn't. Well, so much for that idea. The husband is not just cheating on her but doing it with her assistant. What a scumbag, of all the people. Then Mara almost shot Laura!

Did we know that Nico's fiance was friends with dead popstar Jesse? That explains why he was at the DA's office. Was Jesse banging Nico's fiance?

Loo-Kee's Sweety

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 5

Loo-Kee always looks weird when he's not directly facing us. We found out that his people are not trolls but Kon-Seals on Beast Island helping prisoners. I guess they look a little like seals, are they related to the Seelies? But really the action figure was basically like a troll doll.

I like that Catra had her ship again. They should have made that into a toy. I like that the Slime Pit was in the cartoon & it even had the skull in it, but that slime pig was horrible. Ugh, please tell me he never shows up again.

Then they had that bizarre lesson in the middle about stealing the anti-slime from the pig. That was so stupid. That slime pig lives in the Horde slime pit, he is totally a Horde member!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


The OA
Season 1 Episode 4

Is that Devil's Breath gas real? That's nuts if it is.

I can't believe that Homer didn't murder Hap when he had the chance. Who cares what the experiment is. When homer ran into that control room he should have gotten a weapon. It was just really dumb. I get that he may not even really be a kid named homer, that he might be someone else as heard in the background. I just think it's really unbelievable that someone would work years at letting themselves drown to death without reacting instead of killing Hap.

That kind of thing makes me start questioning everything else on the show. Like "it took us a year" & "it took years" it just doesn't make sense. What is Hap feeding them & where are they pooping? I'm supposed to believe they aren't masturbating or getting on each other's nerves? Are they showering? They must really reek.

A Lesson in Love

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 4

This is the 3rd episode in a row with Flutterina, which I get, she's a butterfly woman & girls love that. I like that Flutterina can control butterflies to help her fight the horde. 

I like that there was a little military strategy with Hordak assuming he knew how the rebellion would react.

I hate these episodes with kids in them. This one was really bad. Hordak kidnapped her thanks to that stupid prince who doesn't want to be prince. I really hated how She-Ra brought the kid along to fight Hordak but in other episodes treats the adults of the rebellion like children. It's just awful. 

Then She-Ra turned her sword into a battering ram. It was completely unnecessary, she could have just used her sword.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Steel City Nightfall

Blood Drive
Season 1 Episode 3

Julian on the phone with the corporate suits was hysterical. That was the best part of this episode! I was also thinking it was too much Arthur & Grace. The original Drive spent time with all the racers. & they were right, there needs to be more racing!

It's sad that I understood the corporate jargon that those people were using. i do like learning about what happened after The Scar appeared.

That married couple was annoying. The husband should have murdered his wife in her sleep. Them kissing each other with the dead person's eyeball was gross, but it didn't make sense that they were throwing body parts at the other racer instead of using the parts as fuel.


The Last Ship
Season 4 Episode 4

I seriously thought they were going to kill Captain Slattery, especially when he was catching his son out of the tree. There would be 3 captains on the Nathan James so I thought they might get rid of him, the way they do on The Walking Dead.

It was funny how Chandler told Fletcher what was up. But The Confessor did not want him telling her how to do her job. She seemed jealous of  Lucia still.

Ugh, they should have killed that muslim, who cares that your dumb sister is calling. How do they even have cell service? is that NULKA decoy thing real!? That was pretty cool.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fate Takes a Holiday

Somewhere Between
Season 1 Episode 4

This show is turning out to be pretty good.

I really thought it was awesome how the teacher tricked the police by visiting a neighbor, & trying to kill that girl in the hospital that night, it was right out of Scream!

She's running out of time, Garona was sent back only 8 days before her daughter dies. I'm annoyed that the DA is the bad guy, I guess he knows the serial killer who also killed Nico's wife. Not sure why, I would think Nico would know if she gave a kid up for adoption. That's what DeBray said he was doing go after moms who abandoned their kids.

It really made sense that the shooter was a victim's brother, because why did he say he had never seen those rings before? They tricked me, I need to re-watch it though because their explanation for the teacher having a partner was had to hear.

Always a Day Away

People of Earth
Season 2 Episode 4

Agent Cooper mentioned Batman & Anne of Green Gables in the same sentence!! I would never have made that connection!!

"Look at this."

Don trying to tell Kelly he was an alien was pretty funny. The corporate alien ship is funny too. I hate staff meetings too, Don.

Ugh, it looks like they turned the android into a feminist. That line wasn't even funny. It didn't make sense. She's not a woman, she's a stupid machine & the alien knows that.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

He-Man Mutant

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 18

Somebody messed up. This episode starts with Spinwit & Hydron on the Starship Eternia but then when they imprison Butthead & Quakke, Spinwit suddenly turns into Flipshot! Then for the rest of the episode it's Flipshot. I know that they have similar powers & similar chest armor, but the rest is different. This is what happens when they aren't wearing their full armor all the time. Poor Spinwit.

That's a good point that Master Sebrian noted. Whether it's because he's from the past or another planet, He-Man isn't a Priman human. He really did turn into a mutant. 

Clawbber recognized Cruncher was really He-Man. It's funny how the Denebrian mutants didn't recognize him, even though he was wearing the exact same outfit but they aren't very bright. 

The ending with Drissi telling He-Man not to judge people on their appearance was a little strange at the end. But it was cool to see that enormous sea serpent.

Wave Goodbye

Black Scorpion
Season 1 Episode 2


She was basically Storm instead of Aquaman or Mera, I liked their fight at the end, they were just trading hits. Black Scorpion is lucky Hurricane didn't use her Toxic storm powers or she would have lost. Her Scorpion Mobile wasn't even waterproof at first.

I liked her real name, straight out of a comic book, Dr. Gail Waters.

Her squid henchmen weren't that interesting though.

Darcy Walker is being really blatant about hitting on her partner, she was telling Steve to put sunscreen on her back & legs. Then when he got sunburnt, she was putting lotion on his burn. She is out of control.

Argyle's girlfriend should be doing the laundry, does Tender Lovin' even have a job?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Something Old, Something New

She-Ra: Princess of Power
Season 2 Episode 5

This episode was really frustrating to watch. At the beginning they showed Perfuma, Flutterina & Peekablue just standing around in the background. They should have done another Perfuma episode of her helping some farmers or the Rokkon & Stonedar. 

Instead, this episode was the same plot as The Price of Power, some arrogant young magician.

The other annoying part of this episode was that She-Ra suddenly decides that making changes to the Etherian landscape is something that people should do, even though she does it all the time.