Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Childish Things


I'm glad toy-man was a real human unlike the JLU Toyman but how cool that he had a doll with his old costume! It was cool to see Anyanka on tv again.

I can't believe this Martian Manhunter completely wipes out people's memories & not specific memories. That was unexpected. Does he not have enough experience to know how to control it?

"They're yoga pants."

Lots of relationship stuff in this episode, not sure how they are going to proceed with Winn refusing to remain in the friendzone, they still have to work together & he does know her secret. 

Lucy Lane was being insane, 1 minute she wants Jimmy to encourage her to take the job, so she asks him "What do you want" because he's like "It's your career, I can't make that decision for you" then after she nags him to death & he says "I think you should take the job" she says "I'm not asking your permission." Make up your mind crazy lady.

Now Maxwell Lord knows her secret too! All because these women keep over-estimating themselves. Maxwell was right.

"Only a woman would say that." 

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