Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil


That's what I get for watching leaked pilots. They replaced the ex-husband from episode 1. I'm not re-watching the aired pilot because this show is not very good. According to the internet, there was no difference, they just re-shot the ex-husband's scenes with Lafayette's boyfriend.

As much as I liked seeing Faraday again, the plot didn't make much sense. The show treated "being a papparazzi" as though it was the worst profession on earth. And the detective didn't seem too concerned that her 6-year old daughter is looking at porn online.

Lucifer threw the daughter's doll across the living room treating her like a dog, to play fetch, but instead of reacting like a normal kid would if you threw their toy across the room, the daughter giggles.

This is turning out to be a very boring cop show. Lucifer's powers aren't even that good. He's powerless to stop a bullet & he had to pray to get the angel to stop time. I guess they spent all of their CGI budget on the pilot because the angel didn't even show his wings. The more he shows up & does nothing the less scary he is. Lucifer's devil form isn't scary looking either.

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