Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dark Mirror

Sleepy Hollow

It's too bad they killed the Jersey Devil. They should have kept him around. He was on for only this 1 episode but he was already a way better adversary for Ichabod than Pandora & The Hidden One. Those two are so boring & not scary at all.

I liked that Abbie asked Crane for help, but being "addicted" to a symbol doesn't make sense.

Where is Betsey Ross? They got rid of Miss Corinth but they haven't brought Betsey Ross into the present. It would make the show so much better, with Ichabod explaining to her the modern world.

The Jennie story with her trailer was terrible. Her boyfriend buys her a brand new trailer home & she complains about it non-stop. Then she has the nerve to say

"I know you think it was a grand romantic gesture, but it's theft." i don't know how an actress can read that & still recite those lines. It was so stupid. This is after she suggested using his money to fix Crane's imigration problem. What a hypocrite.

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