Friday, July 22, 2016


Sleepy Hollow

What a mess of an episode. The only good part was the Headless Horseman.

He showed up & started slashing with his axe while holding his skull then he slashed up Pandora & even shot at her with his shotgun. She impaled him with a bunch of spears for nothing because he still hacked her to death. So long Pandora.

Betsy Ross was alive in the catacombs for nothing. What a waste, they should have brought her to the present, she should have stepped out of that governement car at the end. They could have had him explain the modern world to her.

They especially should have brought her to back to the future because they killed Abbie!

They are going to pair up Ichabod with some random person who has the eternal soul of a witness? That doesn't even make sense. The witnesses never go to Heaven? They didn't even say Heaven even though the show has had demons, angels & the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse but saying the word Heaven was too much for them?

Then they had someone else tell Ichabod that he loved Abbie, which was ridiculous. He doesn't love Abbie & he never acted as if he did. He was always in love with his wife Katrina & with Betsey.

It was a really bad episode. They fast forwarded to a few weeks after she was buried so they could set up another season which was totally unnecessary. They should have ended with a happy ending.

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