Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Sleepy Hollow

I'm so glad that they are finally going to bring Betsey Ross into the present with Ichabod. They should have done this a long time ago while miss Corinth was still on the show.

They killed Joe for nothing, he was treated like a joke by the characters the entire season so his death was meaningless. Contrast that with The Originals who had a really emotional scene for Finn who was in maybe 3 episodes.

They are just ignoring all the people that Pandora had killed because somehow The Hidden One is now the bigger threat, even though Pandora had countless people killed & she provided him with everything he needed to be a threat. She was supposed to be the villain of this season but It looks like they decided that they couldn't have a female villain.

I also think it's really lame that suddenly their dad knew all along about the supernatural world. He was a hunter all this time & now is when he reveals himself? Now is when he tries to cure Joe of the Wendigo curse? This was terrible idea that they just threw in at the last minute.

Abbie's boss is totally ok with the supernatural, & is now barking orders to everyone.

If Betsey Ross was sleeping in the catacombs all this time. Why didn't Abby just go to sleep? Who returned to America & had all those kids if it wasn't her?

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