Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Red Faced


Red Lantern Supergirl!

Supergirl Smash! I like that Hank just ignored her hypocritical whining about men being angry right after she broke some guy's wrist. And both of her bosses had to tell her to control her anger. Where is Guy Gardner when you need him?

If Supergirl has a superflare like Superman that would explain why she lost her powers at the end, and it also provides Cat Grant with evidence that she is not supergirl. Makes sense she would have it too.

General Lane was so annoying, thank goodness Hank stood up to him at the end. Cat's mom was super-annoying, I like that Cat is giving her advice as a mentor. She needs it.

Nobody seemed surprised when the Red Tornado showed up with both hands after Supergirl froze one of them off. I didn't expect them to kill T.O. Morrow so quickly. I'm guessing Maxwell Lord will build a Red Tordado 2.0, maybe his sentience went somewhere over Wi-Fi & he's not really dead.

Umm actually, Jimmy's Super-watch calls Superman, not Supergirl.

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