Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beneath Her Heart

Orphan Black
Season 5 Episode 3

This episode had a really stupid message. Instead of celebrating how the clones are different, they made Allison have an identity crisis because she felt inadequate about being a stay at home mom. It was just so stupid.

The entire point of this show is about motherhood & how important & valuable it is. The Neolution man even told Allison that Sarah & Helena are valuable because they are fertile, not because they are street smart or tough. Somehow Allison didn't hear Simon say that. She was raising those two adopted kids & that's what makes her valuable, instead she tells Donnie at the end that she needs to find herself? It was just an incredibly stupid conclusion that she reached & I can't believe that they wrote such a stupid episode in the final season that goes against the entire point of the show.

Allison confronting Rachel was not cool & it did not show character growth. It was purely moronic.

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