Friday, July 14, 2017

Mumbai Sky Tower

Season 1 Episode 2

I was wondering how the preacher was going to avoid that bullet.

This episode didn't have a lot of Ennis stupidity. Only the 1 arm guy trying to use the candy machine. It was really dumb. Jesse told them to fight the Saint of Killers. He didn't say "don't feel any pain" or "don't bleed to death."

I also don't understand this angel, or demon because Fiore did say he was in hell & is never going back. He's not a warrior angel or a guardian angel. When the Preacher told him to find peace, his solution was to have the Saint of Killers kill him. Cassidy asked Fiore about being gay, but it wasn't clear. Especially after we saw him bang a hooker. So who knows.

Maybe Cassidy will meet up with Klaus!

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