Sunday, July 9, 2017

Out of Darkness

Season 1 Episode 9

So Coma-Realm is a gateway to the afterlife & the Sea of White Light? I guess that's interesting but Frost said that's it's based on science. I doubt they will try to explain it. It's also not clear how they will tie that into him being in a coma while he was in coma realm. Maybe it's like Saving Hope. Star Trek Voyager did an ok job of explaining the afterlife using science.

Holden is so damn stupid. He hesitates at eating the tomato soup because he thinks it might be poison but he eats it anyway & sure enough, it was poisoned! Arrrgh.

"Should I have brought a weapon?"

He remembered Charlie but now yellow jacket is going to kill her. Her powers are super lame & Jeff is not around to help her. He's busy getting captured with Willa. Now his dumb brother is going to disable the power & probably kill him.

So his mom is just banging that preacher every night? That didn't make any sense that a preacher would let some other religion fund his charity.

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