Saturday, July 8, 2017

Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

Season 3 Episode 13

Discovery day is here!!

This show is now a million times better than Fear The Walking Dead at showing how a zombie apocalypse would start.

I'm surprised they didn't go to commercial. The vaccine turning people into zombies makes sense, and so is blackmailing the country into supplying brains but that is crazy. Zombies being real would be huge news. I can see how Seattle & zombie island would be quarantined if not destroyed like that lady said but if Chase is right, enough normal people got turned that it would be hard for the government to do. I can't believe those people would attack a brain distribution knowing that zombies with guns are there.

That was pretty cool the way Chase Graves had his gun in his back pocket while he was cleaning his gun on the desk. This guy is no nonsense & knows what he's doing.

Seriously Liv? You think that because you were on CDC brain, that excuses you?

I can't believe Major turned himself into a zombie again, so stupid. Most people forget that stuff in a few months anyway. Clive's girl is a zombie, oops. No! That vaccine better work. It would really be dumb if Ravi is turned into a zombie.

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