Friday, July 7, 2017


12 Monkeys
Season 3 Episode 6

I can't believe that Cassie told Agent Gale how he dies. Cole realized that is didn't change anything so they created another causal loop. At some point they have to win or else, the 12 Monkeys will have sort of accomplished their goal with nothing changing & time stopping.

I am not a goddamned red shirt! I have a purpose!

Deacon was not happy finding out that he's not that important, he's not even on the temporal map.

So they started the 12 Monkey cult in the 50s huh? I guess with that advanced technology & how religious it was back then, it easier to turn people.

I can't believe Cole is talking about killing his own son. He should be figuring out a way to talk to him, or have Jennifer talk to him, so that he can travel in time & kidnap his son from those 4 vest people, before he gets this old.

Jennifer really needs to return that turtle before she creates an aberration.

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