Saturday, July 8, 2017

Last Action Hero

Season 1 Episode 8

I liked Lydia, they should make her a part of the show. The fact that his mom banged the preacher even after she suspected he's a plant by Hollow Sky shows how awful she is. The brother is now apparently over the girl who he ruined his college career for, ridiculous.

We finally got to see more of the coma realm but because of that, I'm now annoyed that they haven't explained what this coma realm is about, why it's important & why Holden's important. Coma realm isn't really important to the viewer & Holden doesn't want to go back. Stopping people from going to the coma realm is important for some reason.

Then I realized that while the real world story is ok, they just aren't doing enough of him adjusting to all the changes that took place during the years he was in a coma. It would be better to have him learning about all the things that are different & new since he's been gone. Like they did on Sleepy Hollow, they just don't do enough of that.

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