Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Into the Light


Season 1 Episode 10

What an anti-climactic ending. This turned out to be a really terrible show. I'm not watching season 2.

They went into the Coma Realm, which is supposed to link to the afterlife but it was just a snowy mountain where they weren't cold. Nothing attacked them & none of it made any sense. There was hardly anything that we've seen or heard about the Coma Realm in this episode.

Holden created a bridge then destroyed it, Frost kissed some maggot face thing that he thought was his dead wife. Hooded people came up on the bridge. There was no link to the last time we saw one of those people. Willa was just barking orders & Holden, who can see the future, apparently kept saying how much he cared about Willa, even though he just got back from his sex weekend with Charlie.

The mom & dad were dumb. It was just awful. And the ending with his younger self showing up? More stupidity.

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