Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Bone Orchard

American Gods
Season 1 Episode 1

It started out with some campy, schlocky Viking story that was really dumb. When that professor wrote the year 813AD as ce, I almost turned it off. Luckily the show became normal with Lincoln getting out of prison & meeting the King of The Free Folk on the plane. If there is any SJW crap, I'm just going to stop watching it though. I don't have any patience anymore.

It was an interesting 1st episode, it seemed a lot like Preacher, it even has an Irish guy who likes to fight. That funeral scene sucked but how did he not read about his wife cheating in the newspaper. That would have been reported.

What paroled convict would decline to have sex with the widow of the dude who banged your wife to death? Is he just a mangina? Who is that giant black woman who swallowed that dude up into her vagina?

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