Sunday, July 9, 2017


12 monkeys
Season 3 Episode 7

They both have their paradox vests! We are catching up to episode 1! Keep your dumb splinter machine! This means they can raise their kid the right way & they will be able to keep living now that they will be out of the time stream somehow. They need to get him Ethan one, if it works on primaries.

I like that they pulled a Back to The Future 2 with them observing their past selves. I'm glad that Cole didn't kill his son, he seemed pretty close to it. In season 1 he had no problem killing all sorts of people & he's been reminding people of that this season, plus he did kill Ramse his brother. But how did they not kill that caretaker guy. Sure, he's not 100% a 12 monkey but he did take the kid away again.

"mind yourself" Take that Magdalena, lol.

I like the symbols, they seem to be setting something up for next season. I think it would be great if they prevent the virus but then have to deal with a fixed world that is trying to control time travel. But they can't afford something like that.

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