Wednesday, July 5, 2017


12 Monkeys
Season 3 Episode 5

This was a funny heist episode, which is good, because the last one was a little dark. The security guards were pretty funny too. 

I like how they were dressed when they showed up at the hotel in their 80s outfits. Deacon was like Miami Vice, Jennifer was like Cyndi Lauper & I'm not sure who Cassie was dressed as. But they shouldn't have dressed Cole as Marty McFly, if Doc Brown is going to be on the show. That's stupid. I hate when shows do that.

"My diary. Turns out, I was writing about the future in the past tense. Hashtag primary problems."

Jennifer looked like she stepped out of Dynasty when she was dressed as her mom. 

When deacon did the robbery, he changed the timeline & Olivia remembered.

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