Saturday, July 15, 2017

Horde Prime Takes a Holiday

Season 1 Episode 18

This episode was nuts!

She-Ra can just make her sword become anything: enormous shield, lasso, parachute, even an oxygen helmet! I don't even know how that is supposed to work when he hair is hanging out the back. I'm pretty sure she flew through space on Swiftwind in another episode so I don't why she even needed the helmet in this episode.

He-Man can just throw a grappling hook so hard that it reaches escape velocity & flies into space! Then he can stop a gargantuan space destroyer from flying away to Eternia!

I liked that Skeletor took out Mantenna, Multibot & Hordak. I also liked that Horde Prime put Hordak in his place. Hordak pulled out a Horde shield which is pretty cool so I might get one for my Classics Hordak.

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