Thursday, July 13, 2017

Of Shadows And Skulls


Season 1 Episode 56

I like when they start an episode in the middle of a fight. It shows that are trying to rebel against The Evil Horde.

Shadow weaver hates Hordak? This is news to me, I thought they were close, I didn't think she was like Evil-Lyn. She even contacted Skeletor to take out Hordak. I like that we got to see Spikor! Dumb Hordak didn't even realize she betrayed him.

I seriously hate how failmation created their lame Hordak & made Skeletor his apprentice, it doesn't even make sense. failmation just wanted to crap all over He-Man as much as they could because it was more successful than their Blackstar cartoon.

Hordak had so many arm attachments, someone should make them on shapeways.

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