Monday, July 3, 2017

Mind Palace

Season 3 Episode 4

I like that they started trying to map the rest of the brain. Cameron was right, they should have told him. I don't see why he would say no.

They should stick with the funny references in the stitch room, but I guess they are trying to appeal to girls. It was funny when Chloe walked around naked while poor Cameron can't sleep with Kirsten. He's like cold showers do not work.

I hate the way Camille & Linus are just perfectly ok with each other banging other people, it just shows that they didn't really care about each other. I was hoping Amanda would cheat with the spy girl but instead they fought. I can see Camille beating up the spy, she was training with the cop, but the ME who is also a DJ is also a fighter? Give me a break. She's now officially a Mary Sue.

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