Friday, July 7, 2017

The Hour of the Wolf

Season 1 Episode 7

Charlie is falling for him & decided to ignore Hollow Sky but she's supposed to be able to "do the math" & predict outcomes, how did she not realize that they would come after him with armed operatives. It's the same silly girl defiance that's on Orphan Black & was on Timeless. They think that being snarky & yelling at people, will get them their way, it doesn't. Even Jeff who came to help Holden almost shot her.

I liked how Holden used the gravel to knock out the bullets but it looks like he lucked out with that, he wasn't controlling each pebble & still got shot.

I did not expect the pastor to be part of the bad guys. Dumb mom, oh it's a 2nd chance now that Holden's awake, but that didn't stop her from banging the pastor.

Poor Willa, Holden's away banging Charlie & she doesn't even get an apology text.

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