Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Beautiful Wickedness

Emerald City
Season 1, Episode 6

Tip said she loves Jack?  She suddenly doesn't think of herself as a boy? Girls friendzone guys all the time, so it makes no sense that she said that to him.

"Yes he was your friend, but he's mine now."

I felt bad for Princess Langwidere that her dad was turned to stone. That little murderer witch has killed a lot of people now.

Dorothy must be really stupid. She gave the wizard that bullet & then her gun. She's going to trust the witches? She is really stupid. Despite all the evidence that magic is bad & that young witches murder people indiscriminately & the West Witch tortured her & is prostituting Tip who she rescued, she's aligning herself with the witches. What an idiot.

I was shocked that the wizard killed Anna. I guess he felt really betrayed by her. He should have spoken to her. He's a little impulsive.
How did he get so smart & why did the surgeon stay in oz? Roberto did not look Latino. They couldn't find a Mexican man for that role in California?

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