Saturday, February 18, 2017


DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 11

The intro was so funny with Heatwave doing it.

"Who writes this stuff?"

I like how he gave General Washington the idea for guerilla warfare. I'm surprised that they did the thing they said they wouldn't in the 1st season, which is to go back a 2nd time to something they already changed.

They should have shown how the planet would have changed if George Washington had stayed dead, with the time quake resulting in the British Empire still controlling the US & a French Canada with maybe a different world war & Spain controlling South America, that would have been cool.

I don't like how quickly they got Vixen to not only slut it up, but also be un-emotional after sex. If she was from the 40s, she would not have been experienced & not so quick to treat sex as meaningless, especially because she's on the ship to avenge her ex-boyfriend.

For a second I thought they might actually kill the White Canary, I was surprised when Rip shot her. Then poor Jacks gave away the spear of destiny.

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