Friday, February 3, 2017


Season 4 Episode 1

What a great season premiere. This is how a last season should be. The opening shot of Long John Silver underwater with the camera turning up to see the carnage on the surface was great.

What a crazy plan by Woodes Rodgers, sinking those ships so that the pirate ships would run aground. Brilliant! I really liked Flint using the sails to tilt his ship so that his cannons could hit the fort. & then Rodgers realizing what he was up to!

I know Billy hates Flint but he still needs to be careful. Flint is a mad man & Billy is an idiot. I like that Flint admitted that Long John Silver is his friend.

Why did Rodgers even try to get a divorce? Eleanor needs to go with the women & do some sewing & shut up.

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