Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Four Horsemen

The 100
Season 4 Episode 3

Here I thought they would invade the oil rig & live in the ocean away from the radiation but they got sick from the fish. The nightblood are immune! Will they find more nightblood or are they going to turn into the mt weather people & start farming them? That would be so funny. Sorry Luna, you came all this way for nothing.

It's too bad sky rippa didn't kill Indra's daughter.

King Roan needs to kill those anti-tech people, That kid seems to have started a movement. Man, that sucks that the doomsday prepper didn't build a good shelter. How did he not? Usually those guys know what they are doing.

Abby was way out of line & so was Theseus. Raven was right, they can't be wasting meds like that on people who are already dying. What a terrible decision. Stupid Murphy.

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