Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blood From a Stone

Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 5

This episode continues the slow destruction of this show.

Right, somehow Jennie can remember everything & is a super hacker. Instead of having her do research she can instantly remember everything. She's also a super-hacker & so is the other girl.
This show is supposed to be about the supernatural, not hack0r skillz.

Meanwhile the guy is a gullible idiot being taken advantage of by the girl engineer. The obvious grrl-power is so forced, like the girl's soccer team who think it's cool that a severed head was kicked around by savages. Sure, that's believable.

Dreyfuss turned into a sniveling coward when his old friend showed up, after being portrayed as some bad guy who isn't afraid of anyone.

The hell guy can stop a bullet, but he can't stop a knife? It would have been better if the FBI girl had shot him & Ichabod saved the Greek fire. Instead Jennie did the chant & the FBI girl saved the day.

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