Saturday, February 4, 2017

We Can Be Heroes

Season 2, Episode 10

This was a good episode with Livewire & 2 other people copying her powers. 

Guardian looks ok, but his Batman knock-off Guardian costume is too dark for Supergirl

Stupid Winn, going after Livewire with just Guardian, right after he almost died by a non-meta. Is Livewire the only meta on earth-38? 

Oh no, the white martians are after M’gann, which means they will find J'onn. Supergirl might have to assemble the legion of super-heroes again! 

This missed their chance to have the Martian Manhunter talk about he was being an anti-white racist, but of course that would have been too much for television to do.

At least Mon-El confessed to Supergirl that he "likes" likes her but then he friendzoned himself! & they high-fived. so awkward.

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