Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nostalgia's a Bitch

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 10

This episode wasn't so bad. It was a good way to bring back Sheriff Forbes, Vicky Donovan, Tyler Lockwood & Grandma Bennett.

Also we finally got the letter Damon wrote to Bonnie, which was really good.

Please tell me the sirens are really dead. They have been so annoying. It's really stupid that the bell didn't kill the sirens. The tuning fork alone incapacitated them but the bell hardly hurt them. The bell opens a portal to Kade's stupid dimension? Such nonsense.

I really want Matt to kill some vampires. It's really lame that they haven't shown him to be an adequate vampire hunter. He hates vampires but then he helped with the bell. What for? For Caroline? It was really stupid. How is he not drinking Vervaine?

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