Saturday, February 4, 2017

Karma Chameleon

Season 1 Episode 13

They killed Max Headroom! Actually I forgot he was on the show. It was a terrible plan though. He's going to blow up the machine but they will just build another. It would make more sense to use the machine to prevent it from being built. Showing them the dangers of building one.
"Time Team"

Manimal & The A-Team, how funny.

How is Wyatt's wife still dead? Was Flynn lying, or the murderer? And if the murderer was lying, is Jessica really dead, or did she fake her death? Did Rittenhouse target her after this mission or did the bartender's nephew go after her? That sucked that she was still dead. He's totally going to jail unless Lucy leaves him a note in the past to not do it, they haven't really reset the timeline the way Frequency did, but that would be pretty cool. It would suck if they got rid of him but he is easily replaceable.

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