Monday, February 13, 2017

The Man in the Yellow Jacket

Season 1 Episode 4

Well, I didn't expect Holden to beat up yellow jacket. That was actually pretty good. It was pretty stupid that he stood up that girl but I think it was worth it. Usually a tv show would have Holden try to keep it all a secret but he just started using his powers. Yellow jacket should have died though.

The break-in by the brother & him was kind of dumb. So why couldn't he control himself. Willa showed him how to calm down, it doesn't make sense that he can't. I didn't like how ok he was with his mom banging the preacher. And his brother's girlfriend is as awful as I thought she was.

So it seems like the old man is Willa's dad. I can't believe that Willa was so terrible at murdering yellowjacket. She didn't hide & let the nurses see what she was doing.

They won't be able to keep all of this a secret for too long.

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