Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dust and Shadows

Season 2 Episode 5

It was pretty funny how Alec said "no" when the witch asked if he was Clary's boyfriend. This was a good break from the main storyline & I'm surprised they are going through with keeping Jocelyn dead.

How are these witches not regulated & licensed better? She's allowed to just have gilled kids running around & doing magic for anyone with no oversight? This episode is more evidence that Valentine is right.

Is Simon's mom going to believe now. He was eating that rat. Seriously, he needs to put his sister in her place.

Aldertree gave Isabel orgasm cream. Don't they have a medic to help them when they are injured? I hope they don't make her into a junkie, there have been too many of those on tv lately. They need to have her fighting downworlders, instead of always training, unless they plan on making her get involved with Jace.

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