Saturday, February 25, 2017


Season 1 Episode 12

I forgot about Cadmus & Lena's mom. I like how they showed young Lex at the beginning & how they embraced the Smallville story of having Clark & Lex be friends before he became Superman!! That was pretty cool! 

Jimmy Olsen needs to stop whining. Supergirl is right & him being Guardian is a bad idea. I liked how they are talking about confirmation bias & the news cycle.

Metallo & Cyborg Superman are back, They are going to have to explain where that fake Kryptonite came from. Then Mxyzptlk!! shows up at the end. 

Oh no, I thought they were going to have a good Luthor, but that chess game at the end sure makes her seem like she's evil & was manipulating her mom!

I like how Mon-El, was like, nobody cares that you are a lesbian, shut up.

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