Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Season 2 Episode 3

Jesus those resistance idiots are shooting people applying for a job as collaborators & blowing up that center. That was a pretty rough scene but it makes them out to be worse monsters than the hosts.

Why on earth were they climbing the wall in the daytime? even if the drones don't turn on right away, it's still sunlight! I knew those other people weren't going to make it over the wall, I thought they were going to fall but I can't believe they killed his partner too. They just liquefied her. I thought she was going to make it. So the drones decided not to kill Will. They must be toying with him for some reason.

Katie finally realized that she's been a selfish obstacle to her family. If she weren't running around she could have raised her son so he didn't end up in a work camp. Now he's going to be a spy & she has to turn herself in right after her son shows up. I like that the blond called Katie out on her attempt to emotionally manipulate her.

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