Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Golden Parachute

Season 1 Episode 10

This was a pretty good season finale.

Ben made it to the 49th floor & he saved his friend's life and his daughter. His wife is learning that the red zone requires her to be tough. Although I'm surprised that Helo let her dole out the punishment, it's his block he should be maintaining order.

Everyone keeps talking about how awful Aaron is, as if everyone else is an innocent angel. The brother killed the basketball kid & he kills people in the cage, he hasn't done anything to get Elena & he assaulted his boyfriend. The mom just condemned half the planet to starvation, she never put in for President Palmer's transfer. Chad is also a criminal. Elena is a whore who is part of some resistance.

She has a contract & as we've seen, injuries get cured with that spray really easily without scarring. so what is the big deal?

I can't believe Ben gave away EverClear. I doubt anyone will know that he gave it away because Inazagi is also grain, unless Inazagi forms a subsidiary to sell EverClear to other corporations, Spiga will never know.

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