Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dissonance Theory

Season 1 Episode 4
There is no way Bernanrd is talking to Dolores every night, like I thought. So his weird conversation is probably taking place after this season maybe?
It looks like Ford wants to live in Westworld as a god? I'm really not a fan of the way he can control things in there with his mind.
I like the way that Maeve has drawn the surgeons a bunch of times & apparently there are others who remember them too. that's crazy. it sure seems like the other guy who helped start ww put his god code in the bots so they are hearing his voice.
I really don't like how the workers enter the park to clean up. Also they said that the town is the safest place & it get dangerous the more you venture away from it. So the invasion by that guy & his posse now doesn't make sense. especially because they had to stop it when that family was heading there.
The cowboy in black is some big cheese in the real world. He threatened that guy, which raises the question: can guests kill each other? What is to stop them? At first I thought they used electronic bullets to simulate things, but the guns shoot real bullets at the hosts, so why don't those bullets hurt the guests? & what's to stop a host from using a guest's gun? This show is not really well thought out. It's for people who don't like sci-fi.

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