Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Season 1 Episode 1

I like how Holden didn't become depressed at the thought of everything he missed out on. It could have become a really sad episode & show. Maybe they are saving that for a later episode. I liked how he pulled a Neo from Matrix Revolutions in the rain. I am ok with them copying stuff from The Matrix.

I like that Willa is part of the show & not some random news groupie. Was that old coma guy texting her from his mind?

Kevin seems to know a little about what is going on, but maybe he doesn't know about Willa.

It felt a little like Stranger Things but luckily they jumped into the present really fast & it felt more like The Matrix. I hope they don't do a lot of flashbacks, but it seems like they will thanks to Willa. They are going to have to explain how she knows so much about him. 

Holden seems like the Greatest American Hero but without the costume. The question is, in what body was he living this alternate life in? or were they in The Matrix?

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