Friday, January 20, 2017

Parabatai Lost

Season 2 Episode 3

This time it was Magnus who called out the Clary family & this time it was the mom. It was really great. I am really liking how they have been calling out her family for throwing everything into chaos. Usually nobody says anything, but on this show people are getting tired of their family drama. So funny.

I did not like the Parabatai backstory. It wasn't what I imagined. They should have been linked from a very young age, not as teens. I thought they were friends from the beginning, but either those kids were terrible actors or they weren't really friends. Those flashbacks were just terrible & the use of different actors didn't help. That girl didn't even look like Isabel.

So funny, Magnus tried to wake up Alec using True Love's Kiss.

I'm glad beard mentioned that he was allowing a Downworlder in the church. How did Simon forget about his mom? Duh. How does Rafael expect him to look for his sire, is she on VampireBook? Does Simon have a sire-bond like Jace & Alec?

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