Monday, January 9, 2017

Bad Night


I like the idea of Grimm getting angry & going on a rampage, I just hope they follow through with it. 

I want to see him kill Captain Renard. The Captain hasn't really contributed much to the show. He's just strong, but he hasn't really done much magic so it would be great for Grimm to kill him & next season could just be Nick killing Wesen.

That was really weird how they had Adalaind & Kelly show up at Renard's victory speech even though nobody has seen them during the entire campaign.

It looks like Diana is going to kill Rachel. I wonder if Grimm will her her & then Aadalind will turn on Nick.

I didn't even realize that the broken hand guy was Rosalee's Kackenkopf ex-boyfriend.

Why don't they use the healing stick to cure Wu?

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