Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Patriot

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Season 4 Episode10

After a good episode we got this really stupid episode.

For no good reason they retconned the director into not being an Inhuman. As if that wasn't bad enough they turned him into a fraud who isn't even a hero. Then they made jokes about the "always obvious briefcase" we've never seen before, retconning it into the show, but it wasn't clever. This plot twist made no sense, if they wanted to put Coulson back in charge there are plenty of better ways to do this.

Simmons was incredibly annoying. She kept whining instead of taking orders from General Talbot & then didn't even talk to Fitz about Aida. This is supposed to be the MCU, after Age of Ultron she should have talked to him about Asimov blocks instead she acted like a child with her fingers in her ears.

Why on earth would Agent May ever object to interrogating a prisoner? That was also stupid. Then they pulled the Matrix explanation for why May woke up from her spa treatment.

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