Monday, January 9, 2017

The Beginning of the End

S05E21 & S05E22

Omg they killed meisner & they destroyed HW! I was not expecting that or the North Precinct being full Wesen. Diana killed Rachel but they way that she synod her mom was pretty weird, she can just jump into Adalind's mind when she is asleep. It took forever for Grimm to finally start killing Wesen but he did. Its too bad it happened mostly in the dark but it was still good. 

I thought the stick might make him immune to Zauberbeist the way it reacted with Eve who seems to have her memories back but it's not clear it she is still a Hexenbiest. WereWu was in control, it looks like they are going to keep him that way. 

It's a good thing Nick had the stick when he got shot. There should have been more glass in Eve.  

That magic fight was a little anti-climactic. I was really hoping that Grimm would kill the mayor finally but then they ended with a cliffhanger. At least its renewed so they get to finish this story.

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