Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wake Up

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Season 4 Episode 11

Has it really only been 5 days since Agent May was kidnapped?

This was a pretty good episode. They addressed Daisy being a criminal. How Mace kept getting ignored was annoying. Talbot was right, stupid Coulson. Did people really want Coulson back in charge? He got arrested because he's an arrogant idiot. How did they not prepare for that hearing? Gemma was so annoying.

I'm surprised by the lack of Matrix jokes.

That explains why Aida said "not again" when she knocked over the glass like she was annoyed about saying it again. I didn't think that Radcliffe was the LMD. I like how they made it seem like it could have been the other people by making them all act weird.

Yo-yo says she's not like the cliched girl, then she acts exactly like a cliched jealous crazy girl by: assuming he's cheating, not letting him explain & ending the relationship based purely on some drama that exists only in her head.

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