Monday, January 2, 2017

The Stray

Season 1 Episode 3

It was interesting to learn about Wyatt & now Teddy has a backstory. It was pretty funny when the security guy made a joke about his backstory.

It's really frustrating watching Bernard talk to Dolores. She seems to have 3 modes: analysis, theme park & that weird waking dream where she talks to him. The voice commands aren't consistent so unless the hosts use voice recognition, a guest could accidentally say one of those code words & mess up the host. 

So the theme park story line makes even less sense now. The white hat guy from the last episode is still there & now he's going to help the sheriff. So he's obviously there multiple days. It's dumb that they show Dolores doing the same thing every morning while guests are out there over night. It would be pretty annoying if every thing reset every night. How did they do so much work & yet this obvious thing is makes no sense. I expect better from HBO.

This new religious narrative Ford is introducing is apparently as bad as the one the other guy was wanted only it's PC because the natives aren't the bad guys.

I thought they took those two hosts out of the park? But they were back there at Dolores's house & they are all remembering more & more.

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