Sunday, January 15, 2017


Season 1 Episode 12
Oh no! they rebooted Marcy. At least Dave go to be with her. Poor guy, now she has no idea who he is. It's like she just got there. She was even ready to fight those guys from the library.
I guess the Matrix symbols on the screen is what reset her. There's no way it was a message to the future to change when they send her. It would have created a pretty bad paradox. They also can't have a copy of her consciousness in the future because when that traveler died in the suicide host he didn't travel again.
I had forgotten about when Trevor said he recognized one of the names on the wall that Phillip wrote. Sucks that she's still dead but she's still a programmer!
I'm so glad Carly's ex-husband isn't stupid. It was such a great scene.

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