Monday, January 23, 2017

Somewhere Out There

Season 2 Episode 2

Katie is such a child. Maddie already explained how he helped but somehow that wasn't enough for her & she shows up at General Talbot's job in front of all those witnesses. Is Katie really that dumb to think that he can just get people pardoned?

I'm so glad Maddie told her off. If Katie had not been running around playing terrorist without thinking of the consequences, Bram wouldn't be a criminal. Maybe she should be a mom & not a bartender & terrorist.

I really liked that scene where Will just went in & killed Solomon & his men. He just shot the 1st dude & then everyone else in that warlord's compound. It was so satisfying to see him not be some typical cop who has some sort of stupid dilemma about killing the bad guys.

I'm not a fan of the flashback to where we found evidence on the moon in the 60s, I'm not sure why they bothered with that.

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