Monday, January 30, 2017

Knight of Crowns

The Magicians
Season 2 Episode 1

I forgot how brutal the season finale was.

What? King & High King? Just like Narnia?

I'm glad that they apologized for the cheating & addressed it. I don't believe Margo when she says she doesn't remember. I didn't like how they were acting likes it's no big deal. I understand having to focus on more pressing matters, but that was a huge betrayal. Alice on the other hand doesn't have the excuse of the emotion potion. It was good to see them be nice to each other & understanding.

Thank goodness that river guy screwed over Penny. He deserved it.

"You know of Swayze?"

That zombie knight is from the 90s, I can't believe he knew that whole speech. & i knew tim daly was in wings, duh.

That's crazy that he's staying in Fillory. That was a good goodbye scene. I like this idea of "shade" like conscience, or "humanity" or moral center.

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