Sunday, January 22, 2017


Season 1 Episode 12

What is happening!

The Director is actually an AI! That's crazy. They changed the future & now there are people who worship a benevolent Skynet & The Faction are people who are against the AI. That was great. I like how they don't have fancy names, just, the faction.

"Thank you Grace"

She was so funny it's too bad they killed Betty.

I can't believe Dave was so dumb as to call the police. How did he think he was going to explain the dead man in his apartment. That sucks that the dad doesn't have a body camera to prove he didn't just shoot some innocent teen girl. Carly is so annoying.

Oh no, his partner walked in just as Maclaren was going to destroy the quantum computer.
How did the FBI get there so fast?

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