Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Science and Magic

Emerald City
Season 1, Episode 4

This episode was better.

Jack is alive but now he's some kind of clockwork cyborg & he apparently is not the Tin Man because that looked like brass. Apparently the masked Princess Langwidere bought him.

I'm glad The Wizard brought that girl out of the prison. But she is advising him to do some bad stuff, The Wizard is definitely a bad man here.

The Dorothy storyline was not interesting though, some witch orphan who magically appeared on the Scarecrow's leg that turns people into statues. Then Dorothy didn't kill the lion guard. How many bullets does she have left?

It was pretty obvious that it was the Witch Madam because girls do not suddenly appear in bathtubs without magic, especially ones that are pushing drug use.

It took 4 episodes for feminist stupidity to rear it's head with the incredibly stupid line "Those are my choices as a girl? Nun or whore?" No stupid. Did you forget you were held hostage by an apothecary? And this episode just showed us a female surgeon. So dumb.

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