Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Door into The Dark

Shadow Hunters
Season 2 Episode 2

I love the way Alec told Clary how she has ruined everything. She has been running around thinking everyone should do what she wants with zero respect for their rules or how she is affecting everyone's life. It was such a good scene.

Valentine is right. Like regular police, shadow hunters don't really prevent crime, they just react, after mundanes have been murdered. Downworlders keep multiplying & they seem to barely do anything.

The Clary thing being spelled to see the future was a little unclear & so was how nobody jumped into the ocean after them. Does nobody know how to swim?

I liked how they killed that werewolf girl, but it wasn't clear if she was the killer or not. I was sure they were setting up a Romeo & Juliet romance with her & Simon. Guess not.

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