Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Adversary

Season 1 Episode 6

Ok, the underground real world story just got interesting. Elsie found out that the QA lady is a corporate spy! & Bernard found Ford's weirdo family replica.

Maeve is getting herself killed on purpose to mess with Lutz the surgeon . I like how she crashed, like one of those robots from TOS when Spock & Kirk asked those logic questions.

I liked the triple flashlight.

That mesa bar is really dumb. It makes sense for employees but the narrative guy talked to that girl as if she was a guest. That doesn't make sense either.

Again the map is now everywhere.

Teddy is like "you don't know me at all." So now he is suddenly Wyatt's partner & is just after him to save Dolores. It's a good thing the dark cowboy made up that story because Teddy shot all those Union soldiers like it was nothing. It's too bad they don't run into more guests, but like I said, HBO didn't think all this through.

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